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Heaven Shall Burn - Veto

Heaven Shall Burn
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 15 April 2013, 5:58 PM

HEAVEN SHALL BURN is band from Saalfeld in Germany, formed in 1996 and playing melodic Death Metal mixed with Hardcore / Metalcore. The guys have been focusing on political issues in their lyrics, in most cases. They have released six full length albums, many split-releases and one live DVD. “Veto” coming up as their latest addition to their discography.

“Die Stürme Rufen Dich” is a first track which I have listened from this album and for me this is a total number one of this entire album. Firstly, it is singing in German language, and secondly the chorus is very melodic with great riffs with screaming vocals mixed with fast drumming, plenty of power and diverse pace composition. This track also features guest vocals from Rob Franssen and Dominik Stammen of BORN FROM PAIN. Guys have record perfect cover of BLIND GUARDIAN's classic song, “Valhalla”, very well played with melodic riffs with force. BLIND GUARDIAN's Hansi Kürsch duets with Marcus Bischoff to commemorate the track's greatness, a fantastic mix styles, the pairing of Kürsch and Bischoff sounds just amazing on the chorus. “Hunters Will Be Hunted” strides as yet another melodic fierce track, very impressive. Opener “Godiva” tells the legend of Lady Godiva with an imposing drumming, same melodic pattern, and powerful driven riffs in the vein of IN FLAMES or CHILDREN OF BODOM. Similar to these bands there is also “53 Nations” bearing the band's mixed designs of melody versus power, this is true melodic Death Metal with vigor. “Land of the Upright Ones” exemplifies the album's top variations, where slashing drumming creates lots of possibilities for headbanging or bash someone's head into the wall, same goes with “You Will Be Godless” and the non-anger management of “Antagonized”. The heavier “Fallen” displays with massive sounds assorted with growling and melodic guitar riffs with varied paces & melodic elements, highly aggressive mixed with aggression as it also shows of his brother, “Like Gods Among Mortals”. “Beyond Redemption” is a bit tranquil in comparison to the others, has fine melodic riffs, elements of keys and gentle sounds, amazing melodic guitar riffs and growl / screamo vocals. Nonetheless, this track is mostly instrumental.

"Veto" displays one of the finest works of HEAVEN SHALL BURN, matching great technical superiority and a hell of a sound production, a massive wall of sound. The album is diverse, full of emotions, melodies, aggression and brutality. I am sure that everyone who likes such sounds of modern melodic Death Metal, Metalcore and Hardcore will consider this one a treat.

4 Star Rating

1. Godiva
2. Land of the Upright Ones
3. Die Stürme Rufen Dich
4. Fallen
5. Hunters Will Be Hunted
6. You Will Be Godless
7. Valhalla
8. Antagonized
9. Like Gods Among Mortals
10. 53 Nations
11. Beyond Redemption
Maik Weichert - Guitar
Alexander Dietz - Guitar
Marcus Bischoff - Vocals
Eric Bischoff - Bass
Matthias Voigt - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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