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Heavenly - Virus (CD)

by Ian Kaatz at 14 April 2007, 10:27 AM

HEAVENLY, I think is a band that gets a lot of crap for sounding too much like HELLOWEEN.  I say just let metal do its thing and if it rocks then it does no matter who it sounds like.  Anyway I won't go on a rant about that, HEAVENLY is rocking as usual with plenty of bombastic sounds and over the top vocals.
HEAVENLY was formed in 1994 by vocalist Ben Sotto and drummer Maxence Pilo.  Throughout the years they have worked with some of the best producers in Power Metal such as Piet Sielick, Sascha Paeth, and Tommy Hansen.  They have received massive praise in their home country, but outside they are mainly known for sounding a whole lot like Helloween.
The album's stronger songs from what I can tell are Virus and Spill Blood On Fire, though I just maybe more partial to them since those are two songs that are actual full songs.  There is another thing I could go on a rant about is those promos that are shortened or have the dude pop in the middle of the song.  Forget that though, Virus contains a very bombastic sing along chorus, it even has a cannon shot, that is sure to get fists pumping and booties shaking at any concert that they perform.  I particularly enjoy the singer's tone on Virus as I don't think that he sounds as much like Kai.  I prefer it when the singer doesn't mimic his main influence, which sometimes occurs on this album as well as their other releases.  Now Spill Blood On Fire its one of the songs that make people say they sound too much like HELLOWEEN.  There are even times when I could swear Kai was a guest vocalist on this album like he did on the song Time Machine from the album Coming From The Sky.  The keyboards on this track make up for the vocal mistaken identity.  They have a really great tone to them I cant quite put my finger on what it is, but there is something special about it.
HEAVENLY have released another stellar album and I would recommend it to any fan of Power Metal especially if enjoy epic styled stuff.  The vocals are premium no matter who they sound like, its full of energy and the album basically doesn't quit the entire time.  Oh and one more time for all the detractors that make out to be HELLOWEEN clones, take a closer look at the music and just enjoy the fact that you have such top shelf metal to be accessed.

3 Star Rating

The Dark Memories
Spill Blood On Fire
The Power Fury
Waster Time
Bravery In The Fied
When The Rain Begins To Fall
The Prince Of The World
Ben Sotto - Vocals
Charley Corbiuax - Guitars
Olivier Lapauze - Guitar
Matthieu Plana - Bass
Thomas das Neves - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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