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Heavenward - Within These Dreams (Reissue) Award winner

Within These Dreams (Reissue)
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 20 December 2012, 5:23 PM

I could never understand why bands break up? Is it like any business partnership that the members have difference of opinion whether about money, the band's music style or saturation points? Nevertheless this is the second time that I review a re-release of a band that broke up and yet again from the late 80s to the start of the 90s when Metal began to decline. This re-release is divided into two sections. Section one an album that was releases back in 1991 and the second is a four tracks demo dating to 1989.

I will start and say that the four last demo songs are amazing. The band was composing and performing in the vein of RHAPSODY even before their own emergence later in the 90s. I was stunned by the amazing Power combination with Epic Metal, the demos reminded of old HELLOWEEN old school Power Metal, Stefan Kesselon vocals did a hell of a job with murky high pitched vocals. “Remember – At FirstNature”, the first song from the demo is a Masterpiece even in todays' standards, mind blowing drums and amazing guitar riff. I can only say that this song sent me back to the days when I was a Power Metal fan. Yeah, those were the days. Same goes for "Hell OnEarth" the third song of the demo.

Standing divided from the other songs is “Cold Embrace” that in my standards is a masterpiece of an Epic Metal song with great vocals commanding the tune and elevating it to the far reaches of heaven or should I be saying Heavenward.

Now let's head for the "Within These Dreams" album itself. Released in 1991, it’s bit more of the Power Metal classic than the earlier epic form of the demo, nevertheless it’s a great album. I don’t know if the album itself was produced poorly or the re-release, which was probably remastered, damaged it as the overall production is very poor and that’s a real shame because these guys can play some good Metal. Apart from poor production and sound quality, this release actually brought my faithback when it comes to Power and Epic metal. I will say to all bands alike to listen to this rerelease before considering  an album recording.

The overall conclusion is a question, what the fuck happened to these guys? Way after releasing an Epic demo and only two albums they vanished? Can’t we enjoy more of Stefan Kessel's amazing voice, Bernd Gröters' catchy riffs, Oliver Müller's controlling bass and Thomas Kelleners' drum works? Have to say it again and again Stefan Kessel you are a Semi God , where the hell are you ???

4 Star Rating

1. System going down
2. The Sky
3. Dreams in Disguise
4. Cold Embrace
5. Their Eyes
6. Remember – At first Nature
7. Raging Waters
8. Within these Walls
9. Holding the Key
10. Remember – At first Nature (Demo)
11. Dreams in Disguise (Demo)
12. Hell on Earth (Demo)
13. Holding the Key (Demo)    
Stefan Kessel- Vocals
Bernd Gröters- Guitars
Oliver Müller- Bass
Thomas Kelleners- Drums
Record Label: Pure Underground Records


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