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Heaviest - Nowhere Award winner

by Jeff Legg at 11 September 2015, 11:30 PM

Either the breadth of music being published these days is getting so vast that some great new bands are erroneously slipping past me, or I’m getting really old and starting to lose my musical facilities. I say that because, as I sit here listening to the new record from the band HEAVIEST titled “Nowhere”, one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in a long time, I’m left wondering, “why haven’t I discovered these guys yet”. I’m going to blame it on the first one. Because social media, along with the advent of the digital age, has made it so easy to record and distribute anything and everything your heart desires, a lot of really quality material is getting lost in the mountain of music being released each and every week. But record label execs take note; a band that possesses this much talent and headline potential, can only evade the industry radar for so long before their music catches fire, and HEAVIEST is starting to smolder.

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, HEAVIEST consists of Mario Pastore on vocals, Guto Mantesso on guitar, Marcio Eidt on guitar, Renato Dias on bass, and Vito Montanaro on drums. Their powerful sound is tailor-made for success, especially in the United States and the UK, and won’t have any trouble gaining industry traction worldwide. With notable influences from bands like DISTURBED, JUDAS PRIEST, and ADRENALINE MOB, “Nowhere” has everything that’s great about heavy metal; powerful vocals, heavy-as-hell crunching guitars, and a bottom end that pummels with authority. Pastore’s vocals have limitless power and range, and for me, draw comparison to Russell Allen and Rob Halford, and at times sounds a lot like old-school Geoff Tate. And with the fury brought forth by the twin guitar attach of Mantesso and Eidt, the thunder of Dias on bass, and the brilliance of Montanaro’s drumming, this band is special.

Even though this band is loaded with talented musician, songwriting is where HEAVIEST really shines. The first track, “Buried Alive”, sets the foundation for the rest of the album with an infectious assault of crunchy groove riffs and in-your-face vocals that’s meant to be played extremely loud. This pounding is the trend for the remainder of the album, with the exception of the mid-tempo track, “Finding A Way”, one of my favorites. After trying to find a bad song on this offering, I gave up and came to the conclusion that there just aren’t any. Most bands can play their instruments heavy and loud, but don’t have the ability to write great songs. You either write good music, or you fall in line with the plethora of other bands hammering away, trying to make a living at this difficult career path. With the quality on display via “Nowhere”, HEAVIEST have put themselves in a position to separate from the pack.

With one of the most full throttle, powerful sounds to come out of Brazil in a long time, HEAVIEST is a band that will demand plenty of attention in the near future. Because of the ever-growing digital onslaught of music, an album’s “shelf life” these days is far shorter than the releases of yesteryears, thus making a strong debut album a must for any new band trying to make a name for itself. These guys have created a masterpiece with “Nowhere”, and everything that you would expect from a big-name headliner is present. You’ve been warned. Let’s Rock!!!

5 Star Rating

1. Buried Alive
2. Decisions
3. Nowhere
4. Betrayed
5. Crawling Back
6. Torment
7. Time
8. Resurrection
9. Finding A Way
10. Land Of Sin
Mario Pastore - Voices
Guto Mantesso - Guitar
Marcio Eidt - Guitar
Renato Dias - Bass
Vito Montanaro - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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