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Heavy Demons - Twice Award winner

Heavy Demons
by Chelsea Jennings at 18 June 2015, 2:40 PM

HEAVY DEMONS is a metal band from Lugano. HEAVY DEMONS have just released their latest full-length LP titled "Twice". It was released in the first half of 2015 via Contempo Records.

HEAVY DEMONS play a great, heavy style of "no-nonsense, in-your-face" Metal. The name fits the theme as most of the lyrics talk about the demons we face in our lives. Humanity has faced all kinds of demons, both of an extraterrestrial variety as well as the likes of the "Demon" himself – Satan. These demons force humans to do rash, insane things that would not be done without the presents of these spirits.

From the opening track "Treason" it is clear that HEAVY DEMONS are discussing the dreadful existence of humanity underneath these overbearing demons that we have to endure. "Scream Of The Beast" reminds us of the rising of these beasts as the put humans at all odds to overcome their adverse effects on life here on this planet. Humans must rise against these beasts, and stand up against them if we want a difference to be made. Otherwise, these beasts will just continue to drive humanity further into darkness and deception until we can never come back.

"Depression" alludes to the concept that this world is going to be pushed into a never-ending depression that we will not get out of. People will end up dying over this depression and anguish as we cannot come back. "You Killed Me Twice" clearly reveals how these demons kill us from the inside out, many times without us even knowing it. The screams and the guttural growling on this track clearly speak of the hurt, anguish, and betrayal vocalist Jack Demon passionately feels singing each word of these lyrics.

"A Winter Dream" is the tale of someone who wants to be able to go out and kill their enemy, so they do not have to live this way anymore. These are presumably the demons plaguing this individual's life. "Shenanigan" mentions the effects that these cruel, sinister demons have on humanity, and how humanity may never come back from the point we have been driven to by these demons. "Nimbus Falling" tie up the entire album reminding someone what it's like to be the Devil's right-hand-man himself!

HEAVY DEMONS bring forth a strong, face-melting Metal release that demands the attention of everyone who hears it. The Demons they sing of are something we all face in life. No one in the human race can escape them. We are all subject to them. The dark, heavy beats and the topic of Demons fit together well to make HEAVY DEMONS a "must-listen-to" hit for all fans of aggressive, hard-hitting heavy metal in 2015!

4 Star Rating

1. Treason
2. Scream Of The Beast
3. Depression
4. You Killed Me Twice
5. Ex-Angel
6. A Winter Dream
7. Shenanigan
8. Red City
9. Master Of the Red Way
10. Falling Nimbus
11. The Right Hand Of The Devil
Jack Demon - Vocals
Piter - Guitars
Russell - Bass + Background Vocals
Sick - Drums
Record Label: Contempo Records


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