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Heavy Feather - Debris and Rubble

Heavy Feather
Debris and Rubble
by John Paul Romero at 08 April 2019, 3:07 AM

HEAVY FEATHER is a rock quartet from Sweden. The album we have at hand is their debut effort, “Debris and Rubble” – an album that promises a raw and heavy riff-based rock. Just by looking at the font style they used for their name on the album artwork, you’ll know they’re old school. The style of the artwork itself will already remind you of the 70’s to 80’s rock, but what about the sound?

Well, you will not be disappointed. When they said it will be raw, real, and riff-oriented, they mean it. And that’s just exactly what you get. Right from the first song “Where Did We Go”, you’ll be treated with a groovy kind of rock. The album also has a bluesy shade and some share of country sound, and those two elements are both present in “Waited All My Life”. The solo of this song is so reminiscent of EAGLES“Midnight Flyer”.

Energy is what “Higher” brings to the table. It has an addictive main riff, the drum beat is dancey, the bass is right there leading the instruments. It also has a very uniquely amazing solo, which is easily the best solo in the entire album. The very short length of the song helped in creating a sudden energy burst amidst mid-paced tracks with a generally tranquil atmosphere. Right after this energy filled track is an emotional song, “Tell Me Your Tale”. I love how very seamlessly the mood transitioned from energetic to emotional, even though it is completely contradicting, they executed it smoothly, leaving no trace at all. “I Spend My Money Wrong” might just be their equivalent of LED ZEPPELIN’s “Black Dog”. The song follows almost the same pattern except that it is a bit faster. In this song they once again let the bass take over the stage – which they are very good on. Finishing the album is a power ballad, “Whispering Things”. The song is so spirited and heartfelt, and Lisa’s singing did it all. Her voice already sounds sober, and her execution is simply perfect in creating such strong emotion.

“Debris and Rubble” is a breath of fresh air for old school rock. While one might complain that there are lots of bands out there that already did it before, we can’t deny that we always miss that sound, and that we still crave for something more, something new. HEAVY FEATHER is in there, like a shining proof that the good ol’ rock n roll we grew up with is far from forgotten. I definitely think that the presence of bands like HEAVY FEATHER together with GRETA VAN FLEET would serve as a reminder for the new generation that we had this kind of golden music, and we still have it. Their presence is a good way to divert the attention of the younger kids out there to this kind of pure and true music out of raw talent instead of listening to laptop-generated rubbish which is widespread these days.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Debris and Rubble
2. Where Did We Go
3. Waited All My Life
4. Dreams
5. Higher
6. Tell Me Your Tale
7. Long Ride
8. I Spend My Money Wrong
9. Hey There Mama
10. Please Don’t Leave
11. Whispering Things
Lisa Lystam
Matte Gustavsson
Morgan Korsmoe
Ola Göransson
Record Label: The Sign Records


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Edited 05 December 2022

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