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Heavy Meta – Mana Regmata

Heavy Meta
Mana Regmata
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 17 January 2022, 2:37 PM

Lowell, Massachusetts natives HEAVY META are proud to officially announce the release of their debut album, “Mana Regmata.” Set for release on February 11th, and active since 2017, the enigmatic sonic shapeshifters music initially started taking form way back in 2013. In 2019 their first official effort, an adventurous four-song self-titled EP, was released and they're now back with an even wilder work of art in 2022. The album contains eight tracks.

“Blastocyst” leads off the album. It begins with a very heavy groove of bass, guitars and drums, along with harsh vocals. The melodies are dissonant and odd, but the band shows a flair for musicianship. “Caffeine Casket” opens with a softer sound of clean guitars along with some ambient movement in the background. But, it’s not long before the spastic sound returns. The riffs are done with precise rhythms and the vocals are unrelenting. It slows a bit towards the middle then returns. “Worms” begins with a slower, heavier groove, of dissonant guitars and some really nice and thick bass work. It plods along with harsh vocals and some excellent guitar work. Some of the vocals are shouted in spoken word form.

“Psalm VI” is the long song on the album, clocking in at over eight minutes. Chaos occupies the first part of the song, which is structured mainly in the stop-on-a-dime guitar and bass work. It slows at the half-way mark to let a bit of melody in. The main sound then returns and continues through completion. “Delusions” begins with another heavy attack on the senses. It’s amazing how much sonority they can squeeze into the compositions. Angry spoken words enter and the song begins to lose its structure, as the title suggests.

“Two Fly” breathes a little better, allowing the listener to slow down and take some breaths. Some really charming melodies develop in the opening sequence. Then, it’s off the races again, with raging vocals and discordant melodies. “Boötes Void” opens with spoken words and a burning pace. Intense, angry vocals are spewed forth with no regard for who might on the receiving end. Having a bad day? TOO BAD! GROW UP AND GROW A PAIR! “Vicious Wishes” closes the album. A heavy, pulsing rhythm fuels this song, as well as dissonant chords. The guitar solo is tastefully done, and I suppose the song ends the album with a deep sigh.

The album features some very strong musicianship to go along with the odd and dissonant rhythms. Melody is often an afterthought, and that is indicative of the style. The vocals are very incensed and raging most of the time, and the intensity carries throughout the album. My only criticism might be that too many of the songs sounded just a bit too much alike. This album is not for the faint at heart, that is for sure.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Blastocyst
2. Caffeine Casket
3. Worms
4. Psalm VI
5. Delusions
6. Two Fly
7. Boötes Void
8. Vicious Wishes
Patrick Dupras – Vocals
Rich Dixon – Drums
Phill Trudel – Guitars, Guitar Synth, Midi Programming
Kishor Haulenbeek – Bass, Bass Synth, Keyboards, Backing/Clean Vocals, & Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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