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Heavy Metal Perse - Fleeing the Gods

Heavy Metal Perse
Fleeing the Gods
by MetalWim at 03 January 2023, 3:19 PM

HEAVY METAL PERSE hails from Finland and has been Rocking this earth since 2000. They released two full length albums before, “Eripura” in 2008 and “Aikakirjat” in 2012. So, after a hiatus of 10 years, they are back with “Fleeing The Gods”. This is the English title of the album, but if you prefer the Finnish version, it is available as “Jumalia Paossa”. The songs on that version of the album should be the same, except for the bonus tracks.

What is remarkable is that the opening title track is 14:41 minutes long. That is one hell of a long time for a first song. But be warned, you will like this. There is not a single boring second in sight, or earshot. “Fleeing The Gods” actually harbours all the traits that define the music that HEAVY METAL PERSE plays. Old fashioned straight forward Heavy Metal with Power Metal structures and influences, combined with short bursts of Thrash Metal and even AOR. Which only emphasises that they are not afraid to play around with tempos, intensities and bridges. That is what makes the title song tick, and it works. Brilliantly, I might add.

The sound they have going on reminds me of the “Turbo” era of JUDAS PRIEST, but combined with an AOR like AXE used to have, but also heavier sounds like MEGADETH used when they recorded “Risk”. You might think that putting all these styles together would produce an eclectic, shaky and shoddy mix, but it doesn’t. HEAVY METAL PERSE actually makes it work, and they keep it working all through the album. They have the knack to make everything blend together. Impressive.

The big disadvantage of such an opening song is that it is difficult for the rest of the album to follow suit. But “Fleeing The Gods” somehow doesn’t have that problem. Because the follow up song “Towards Home Village” has that extreme intensity that could make you forget what you just heard. This is as much in your face as HEAVY METAL PERSE can get. The rest of the album plays with all the elements mentioned, whilst making sure it always stays in balance. All put together that makes “Fleeing The Gods” into a successful endeavour. I just would have liked the band to put on a few more songs. Not a weird request, me thinks, after waiting for ten years. Oh, and the rendition of “Aqualung” (JETHRO TULL) is spotless. Let’s hope the next album comes a bit faster, you’re not BOSTON.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fleeing The Gods
2. Towards Home Village
3. Bilhook Of The Wizards
4. White Teeth Of The Waves
5. Ahti – The God Of Water
6. New Alchemy
7. Towards Home Village (Bonus Track– English Version)
8. Aqualung (Bonus Track)
Matias “Balm” Palm (lead guitar, vocals)
Juha Leikkainen (guitars, vocals)
Haarri Leinonen (bass, backing vocals)
Heikki Romppainen (drums, backing vocals)
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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Edited 28 May 2023

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