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Heboïdophrenie - Origin Of Madness

Origin Of Madness
by Isha Shah at 31 December 2014, 10:27 PM

With a three-year progression of producing music, the French metal-heads, HEBOÏDOPHRENIE bang out another thrashing album titled “Origin Of Madness”. With carnivorous beats that continuously slay their way though the metallic stretched sounds vibrated, it is clear that this record if filled with the right kind of dirt. Even before any music comes into play, their clear intro sets this frightening journey of a girl screaming on a roller-coaster, setting your ears up for brutal sounds crying for a plea of help.

Secondly, in the titled track produces bouncy riffs, which are catchy in movements of fasted paced hits right in the throat; the rugged action is mastered in true thrash style with howling low screams that turn into pig like squeals. An added touch of Hardcore is placed within this track, heavily revolving around their musical ability with dominating outbreaks that chug the blood in your veins.

HEBOÏDOPHRENIE could be described as a French version of MALEVOLENCE, instrumentally wise, as their penetrating sounds bash in the most fumigating directing, especially found within “Decay” and it’s ghostly lingering howl. The track is then followed up by a battening thump, as  “The Butcher” makes its grand entranced, layered with squealing cries that compliment the deepening boom voice. With sinister connotations and clock ticking to a climatic build up, this track is placed halfway through the album to break it down ever so slightly, adding to it’s mastering sound.

With similar toned intros to each track, they all vary in length, but seem to start the same by slowly introducing vocals that have a distinct difference within each song. HEBOÏDOPHRENIE have had the ability to create an album with 11 songs, each to their own in value without doubling up on sounds or sounding too familiar, which is what makes the record as strong as it is, even despite being a thrash band, they have been able to combined various elements of metal to give off a varnish finished.

With the language barrier in placed, this may have seemed like a challenge, however I would even go as far and say that this is needed to make the song strong and bold. The lyrics work well with the music, fitted in so perfectly that it is hardy noticeable, combining a solid record.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Heboïdophrenie
3. Feast of Death
4. Decay
5. The Butcher
6. Rotten
7. Bonnet M
8. Death to All
9. Morbid Satyriasis
10. Cadaver
11. Outro
Eric (.:: Abyss ::.) - Lead Guitar
Bastien - Lead Guitar
Rémy - Bass, Backing Vocals
Matthieu (Crush) - Drums
Loic (…W…) - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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