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Heboïdophrenie – Cannibalism for Dummies

Cannibalism for Dummies
by Santiago Puyol at 01 August 2020, 6:38 PM

Coming from Bordeaux, France, Deathcore band HEBOÏDOPHRENIE (from what I could learn, they are named after a subtype of schizophrenia) released their second album "Cannibalism For Dummies," follow-up of 2013’s debut, the aptly "Origin of Madness." This French quintet deliver a solid slice of brutal metal through this ten track (plus intro) record.

Weird samples about cannibalism and layered, melodic guitars, introduce us into "Cannibalism For Dummies." "H.F.C. (Human Are Fucking Cooked)" is a riff-heavy machine. Memorable and vile. Some thrashy drumming and prog-tingled guitar work lend the track a distinctive flair. Eric "ABYSS" soloing is soulful and melodic even if still technically proficient. A strong beginning for this sophomore release.

"Beheaded" goes out for blood with its military march syncopated feel and layered harsh vocal work. A truly fun song, filled with immediate, brutal Deathcore. A couple tempo changes and a deep presence of Rémy Martin’s bass make it a winning song. It builds, breaks and rebuilds itself in expert manner.

Blackened riffs contribute to the exotic flavours of "Flush The Meat," as does some moaning and whinning sounds in the background. An epic track that spans several moods over the course of its five minutes in length. It feels nicely placed alongside the Metalcore-ish "Technomessiah." The guitars go low and deep, dragging the listener to the depths of a hellish pit. Matthieu "CRUSH" drumming is outstanding throughout this track, getting really technical. A beast behind the kit.

The first thirty-six seconds of "Bleeding Love" are mesmerizing and distill pure, unadulterated beauty. Yes, beauty amidst the chaotic, brutal Deathcore of this record. The track moves into Progressive Deathcore quite quickly after that, but the sheer excitement of listening those first seconds (the melody getting reprised later on) is unmatched.

"Doomsday" goes quite Djent-y, with its squeaky guitars and pounding bass. An apocalyptic nightmare translated into song. This instrumental lives up to its name. It gives way to the Math-y "Hipster Slaughter," a brutal track that brings to mind early BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, early THE CONTORTIONIST or bands like GLASS CASKET.

Both "2064" and "Left Half Dead" deliver high-speed brutality and masterful musicianship, while closer "The Last Breath" takes a proggy left-turn, and ends the record on epic manner, not that dissimilar to album centerpiece "Flush The Meat." Another lengthy track (by the album’s standards) that builds several ideas and explores different moods.

Overall, "Cannibalism For Dummies" is a vicious and ruthless album with well-written tracks, filled with excellent performances (especially when it comes to drumming and guitar work), strong hooks and an adequate, even if a bit muddy at times, production.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. H.F.C. (Human Are Fucking Cooked)
3. Beheaded
4. Flush The Meat
5. Technomessiah
6. Bleeding Love
7. Doomsday
8. Hipster Slaughter
9. 2064
10. Left Half Dead
11. The Last Breath
Rémy Martin – Bass, Backing Vocals
Matthieu "CRUSH" – Drums
Eric "ABYSS" – Lead Guitar
Loic "WORMS" – Vocals
Mickaël Bearnais – Guitars
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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