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Hedon Cries - The End Of The Path Is Nigh

Hedon Cries
The End Of The Path Is Nigh
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 December 2011, 5:08 PM

I don’t know if you had this feeling before, maybe it is kind of rare, where you felt that a certain piece of music should have been written, or left out, as a sole instrumental. It happened to me right here, when I listened to the third release of the Greek Doom / Death Metal outfit of HEDON CRIES. The atmospheric and melodic scenery of their astonishing extreme music led me into mysterious and beautiful darkened places. “The End Of The Path Is Nigh”, released for the first time as an independent free download submission to the world, is where gruesome revulsion and peace co-exist.

When I first started to listen to the album I noticed how it resembled material of the earlier stage of extreme Metal, especially extreme Doom of the early 90s and late 80s. However, in comparison to those fine recent years, HEDON CRIES march proudly with several of enchanting melodies, guitars and keyboards, the maintained the grayness of the album’s entity. Alongside the atmosphere that loomed over the album, the melodies were my main cause for liking this album. That same affable basis brings me back to my overall sensation regarding this album.

The way I see it “The End Of The Path Is Nigh” should have been an instrumental release to begin with or without too much vocals. Without discouraging the efforts of Christos, the man behind the deep low end growls, his vocal line was poorly produced and furthermore his grunts didn’t add anything to the album’s celestial environment. The only track that really suited his voice and aggressive manner is “Your Morbid Figure”, which was on its own a bit monotonic and less impressive than its enterprising companions.

Since I started listening to any sorts of Metal, there weren’t too many albums that carved themselves on my skin only by their music. “The End Of The Path Is Nigh” was accepted to a very private club of mine. Its enchanting characteristics nurtured my hunger for both antagonistic and serene musical surroundings. Though moderately produced I favored this kind of production more than a modernized one due to the fact that here modernity would have damaged the magic. Nevertheless, I would have made a few adjustments in the mix to perfect the outcome. “Like Snow In Her Hand”, “Forgotten Beauty”, “I Hate You”, “Four Tears, Four Daemons” and “In A White Page” made me realize why I think that atmospheric is best served with a Metal shadow above it.

When I listen to HEDON CRIES I think of early NOVEMBRE, CREMATORY and THEATER OF TRAGEDY. If you are looking for serenity in darkness, there you have it. In the upcoming efforts I would have done something regarding the vocals and make slight changes in the production. The next release can surly go a level up with those adjustments done. 

3 Star Rating

1.Like Snow In Her Hand
2.In Deep Red
3.Your Morbid Figure
4.Four Tears, Four Daemons
5.I Hate You
6.Forgotten Beauty
7.Never Again
8.In A White Page
9.Touching The Void
Christopher- Guitars
Fotis- Guitars
Stathis- Bass Guitar
Christos- Vocals
Sakis- Keys
Efthimis- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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