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Hedonihil - II - Symptomatic

II - Symptomatic
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 29 July 2021, 7:45 AM

As anyone into Black Metal knows, Finnish scene gave to the world some notorious names, and some of them paved the way for what can be called as ‘Finnish Black Metal trademarked sound’, because as it happens on Swedish, Norwegian and Greek scenes, when you hear a band, you have the clear idea from which country it comes from. And with HEDONIHIL isn’t different, as can be heard on “II - Symptomatic”. The band has an experimental insight into Black Metal, so to be unconventional is the rule to their work. But of course some features from Finnish Black Metal can be heard, as being funereal and oppressive in many parts, but keeping the aggressiveness and funereal ambiences clear for the ears. Yes, it means that the album is really very good.

The sonority of the album is very good, fitting on a model that allows the darkened and funereal expressions of the band’s music to be fully understood by the listeners, but bearing the natural rough outfit for the genre, especially for Finnish Black Metal. Their value can be heard on all songs, but especially on “Shattered Mindscapes” (very good experimental contrasts between brutal parts with some introspective moments, where bass guitar and drums creates a solid rhythmic work), “Self-Harm Meditation” (morbid and with a slow set of tempos, making the vocals parts being very good, along with the morbid keyboards), “Redeemer” (a fine shot that is near classic Black Metal approach, with very nasty and good guitar riffs), and “Last Words” (a morbid and complex song, with some avant-garde elements) are the best for a first hearing on “II - Symptomatic”.

In the end of all, give a chance to yourself, Black Metal fan, and pay attention to what HEDONIHIL offers to you. You won’t regret the experience.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Blood Mural
2. Shattered Mindscapes
3. Self-Harm Meditation
4. Stepping Closer to Death
5. The Grey Walls
6. Redeemer
7. Headshot (Misanthropy Pt III)
8. Last Words
Juuso Raatikainen - Drums, Guitars, Bass
Decay - Vocals (Session)
Record Label: Inverse Records


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