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Hegemone – Voyance Award winner

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 09 August 2022, 1:32 PM

From Bandcamp, “Voyance” is an incredibly inspired album, conjuring suffering and a sense of calamity by carefully combining gloomy and gelid Black Metal with the savagery of hardcore and the heaviness of sludge: Folk instruments, electronic frequencies and freezingly cold riffs are all placed inside a massively dissonant wall of sound, creating a truly unique sonic nightmare. A titanically heavy album, building a monumental and uncompromising architecture of rage, tension, disquiet and pain.”

The album contains seven songs, and “Nourishment” is the first. Pain doesn’t begin to describe the sound here. It’s more like punishing and repeated torture everlasting, and I mean that in a good way, or at least to the extent that can ever be a good thing. The song features a trade-off between intense passages of hatred and slowed down, melancholy passages, even with a bit of melody. “Solace” is a shorter offering, with that same alternating passages of violent anger and depression so deep, you might drift away into the world beyond from your loneliness.  “Odium” buzzes with what sounds like a swarm of killer bees leveling an entire town of inhabitants. By the time you hear the cloud coming, it is probably too late. A brief reprieve is given before the final pillage.

“Sermon” is a 10-minute beast, opening with just a peek of light through the pitch black abyss, but it is soon swallowed up. The wormhole you travel through is akin to a black hole…without sound, without light, it’s hard to say how time is passing. With only your thoughts to keep you company, it’s easy to slip into paranoia. The final few minutes are tolerable. “Abeyance” is another weighted and dissonant sound, but they also work in melodies that are just beneath the surface. They are hard to find beneath the crushing weight of hopelessness. “Inference” is another blast of tragic desperation and outright indignation. Haunting melodies make a return, as thin as the air you breathe. “After Demise” closes the album. You ponder what happens when you die. Judging by the sound here, it’s a lot of agony and suffering. It’s a rather bleak outlook into what some say is salvation. But there is no absolution to be found here.

When they say “titanically heavy,” they mean it. In many ways, it might be the heaviest album I have heard this year, but it’s not heaviness for the sake of the word alone. Heaviness can mean many things, with the operative word here being soul-crushing, weight of the world on your shoulders type of feeling. One misstep, and your misfortune will come crashing down on top of you, pulverizing you to ash. What keeps you going in the face of such a bleak and desolate outlook? Post Metal is the current frontier of pushing genre boundaries, and HEGEMONE push them all. Look at the album cover to discover what awaits you in the afterlife.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

Purchase Link:

4 Star Rating

1. Nourishment
2. Solace
3. Odium
4. Sermon
5. Abeyance
6. Inference
7. After Demise
Jakub Witkowski – Bass/Vocals
Kacper Jachimowicz – Guitar
Tomasz Stanuch – Keyboard/Noise
Tomasz Towpik – Drums
Record Label: Brucia Records


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