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Heiden - Obsidian (CD)

by Harry Papadopoulos at 27 May 2009, 3:36 PM

Isn't it a big injustice when some bands that don't have anything to give become well-known and others remain in the shadows, waiting for someone to find them? Well, HEIDEN is one of them; Obsidian is the fourth album of this underestimated band so let us find out some things about them.
I will try to make it simple; the band was formed by Kverd in mid 2003. A few months later, he left SVARDENVYRD and HIEDEN became his top priority. They started as a Pagan / Black Metal band recording their first demo that got out in the early of 2004. During that time, they had some lineup changes and they got away from the 'pagan' sound in order to pursue darker paths. So, after three albums it was time for their next step.
From the first two tracks, the change of their sound is obvious. Not that some folk elements are not present, but they are a small minority in the album. HERIDEN managed to combine their Black Metal sound with Rock and Doom, under the umbrella of a melancholic atmosphere. The work they did in the music, the lyrics, even the artwork is really good. I liked that, despite Kverd growling in his native language, they have the English translation in the booklet, in order for everyone to understand them. If we have to name a band that comes to mind when you're listening to Obsidian, it would be ENSLAVED of the Bellow The Lights era. I don't think there's a reason to mention each track one by one. If you like listening to a more complex and melodic black metal and not just blastbeats, this album is for you.
I hope that with this album HEIDEN will make a step forward as a band and start having the appreciation they deserve. An album that you not only have to give a shot, but is a must have, especially for the later ENSLAVED fans.

4 Star Rating

Nostalgia Echo
At a Funeral
Post Lux Tenebras
Buried 100 Years Ago
Kverd - Vocals, Guitars
Tom - Guitars
Dallas Qelhma - Bass, Recitations
Einsk - Drums
Record Label: Naga Productions


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