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Helheim - The Journeys And Experiences Of Death (CD)

The Journeys And Experiences Of Death
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 September 2006, 4:54 PM

Helheim you say. It was about time I got in touch with their music. I have heard many things about them and I was curious to get to know their work. The only thing I knew is that they are a Viking Black Metal band form Norway (where else?). Anyway, in a time of commercial shit and progressive music, Helheim remain true to their ideals. Will it work? I bet it will…
So, as I have already said above, Helheim are based on Norway and they play Viking Black Metal. Not to be confused with Helheim, the other Norwegian band who had issued the 1996 Fenris album. The Journeys And Experiences Of Death is their fifth full-length album, and their first via Dark Essence Records.
First of all, I would like to mention two guest appearances in this album, Marius Lynghjem from the Norwegian experimental outfit Corvine and Big Boss from the legendary Czech band Root (holy cowbell, incredible band!). Two guests that make this release much more interesting. Anyway, the production is a bit raw, something that makes this cold Black Metal feeling surround every single note. This CD is surely one of the Black Metal releases I had a long time to come across. I read some reviews about this album and I saw that some people found the singer's voice something to comment in a bad way. I totally disagree! I mean this guy's vocals are coming straight from hell! Helheim's tracks are structured in the good old fashioned Black Metal way, something that is missing from most newest Black Metal releases. They have also perfectly mixed their Black Metal attitude with all this Viking stuff. I think that if Amon Amarth were playing Black Metal, they would sound exactly like this. If you have a well-experienced ear, you will find many great melodies in their songs. It is not the CD that will make a huge impact on the Metal scene, but it is a great buy for all the Black Metal fans.
Ok, I am done with this review but I keep listening to the CD. It applies mostly for fans of the genre, but the rest of you, give it a try. You never know…

3 Star Rating

Veneration Of The Dead
Dead Man's Eyes
The Bewitchment
The 2nd Death
Entering The Beast
Helheim 5
Oaken Dragons
13 To The Perished
The Thrall And The Master
H'grimnir - Guitar, Vocals
V'gandr - Bass, Vocals
Hrymr - Drums, Programming
Record Label: Dark Essence Records


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