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Helhorse - Oh Death

Oh Death
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 23 September 2013, 5:31 PM

HELHORSE is a Hard Rock / Sludge / Stoner Metal Band from Copenhagen, Denmark. They have been out there since 2006. “For Wolves and Vultures” was debuted in 2011, and today their new sophomore, “Oh Death” is out on the market.

“Fuck Art, Let's Kill” cranking it up with low tuned guitars smacking with Stoner Metal, dirty and raw modern Metal in climate picturing of MONSTER MAGNET or ROB ZOMBIE. Some of the nastier ones that I really liked were “Climb Through Fire” and “Death Comes To The Sleeping”. The former has one hell of a groove in the vein of DAMAGEPLAN while the latter, “Death Comes To The Sleeping” is nice modern Hard Rocker, mixture of vocal styles of actual singing and screamos, fine additional keyboards and crafted riffs of Doom meets Stoner with a melodic precision. Furthermore, I also liked “Hell Hath No Fury” where the band prevails with muddy Groove Metal without compromises following the nature of DOWN or PANTERA with several elements off BLACK LABEL SOCIETY featuring a heck of guitar solo. “The Seams of Life” is also worth listening to, depicting a gentle piano soon to be caressed by heavy fuzzy riffery in the vein of BLACK SABBATH with Dio in the front, impressive slow tempo tune. On “Scorch the Earth” is an energetic number while “And His Name Is Death” following PANTERA yet with better melodies. “The Carnal Rage” continues the bashing with Punk / Stoner guitaring and drumming. The dynamic “Kill Your Self” is the eden for headbangers along with “Red Eye” with Stoner guitars like PANTERA as the chugged “Diggin’ a Hole, Waiting to Die” with screamo vocals and even a chorus with melodic singing.

This new album by HELHORSE is one of the possible directions of where modern Rock and Metal are headed. These guys like to endorse the American Punk and Stoner affiliations, creating something interesting, yet needs to be better perfected.

3 Star Rating

1. Fuck Art, Let’s Kill
2. Hell Hath No Fury
3. The Seams of Life
4. The Carnal Rage
5. Red Eye
6. Climb Through Fire
7. Kill Your Self
8. Diggin’ a Hole, Waiting to Die
9. Death Comes to the Sleeping
10. And His Name Is Death
11. Scorch the Earth
Mikkel Wad Larsen - Vocals
Aske Kristiansen - Vocals & Rhodes
Jakob Møgelcunt - Guitar
Stephan C. Krabsen - Guitar & Backing vocals
Søren Nybo Hansen - Bass
Jesper Bergstedt - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music / Target Distribution


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