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Helioss - Devinir Le Soliel Award winner

Devinir Le Soliel
by Laura Glover at 15 May 2020, 12:06 AM

Studio project, HELIOSS, was created by Nicolas Muller in 2010. His intent was to include many guests artists and sounds including baroque and orchestral bits. "Devinir le soleil" is their fifth release, bringing to fruition pieces of past works, and was recorded between January and November 2018. This French, melodic, black/death band packs a powerful punch with deep vocals. All in all it flows well, the rifts are incredible as well as the orchestral and baroque parts tantalize the eardrums. "Devinir le soleil" was produced superbly, like a well-oiled machine all parts fit just where they are supposed to.

…Et Dieu se Tut" - This is a song that dives right into its heavy currents. Swept away by powerful vocal prowess, that deep and pleasant voice that makes this song so amazing. Not to mention the speed plucking on guitar. This song rock your socks right off.  "The End of the Empire" - Face melting guitar rifts! Scorching the darkness in your soul. Illuminating the magic of melody. With screaming voices that relinquish anguish to the void. "Let the World Forget Me" - Epic melodic sounds, married to the haunting depth of the darkness inside. As the beat picks up the vocals become richer. This is angst defined.

"An Endless Stream" - A name that is reminiscent of what runs underneath the rainbow bridge. The rainbow bridge, I had to see someone across that bridge not too long ago. A music man, one who was as obsessed with music as I am. My boyfriend, may he rest peacefully. The title of this song made me think of that. And the melodic touches in the song sing perfectly to the pain it envelopes. Some music speaks your soul, when you have no words. "Devinir le soleil" - Beautiful and soft orchestra open my heart to the aching melody. Peaceful and calm, flowing with the aching rivers in my heart. Then, it reaches a climax and the guitar and vocals hit hard. Vocals with such depth.

This has been a great album to review. One that I knew I liked the moment I started playing it, which isn't the case for all albums I review. Therefore, Id define this as easy listening as it flows so well. The cover art is worth checking out too. I will include a picture of it at the top of this page. As well as a link to one of my favorite song on the album. Check it out. The melodic part is lush beauty. And not to forget, HELIOSS sent a lyrics package along with their promos. So few bands do, and it is one of the things I appreciate most. It helps me rate the songs when I have the lyrics as well. Thanks for that HELIOSS!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. …Et dieu se tut
2. A Wall of Certainty
3. The End of the Empire
4. Let the World Forget Me
5. Singularity
6. An Endless Stream
7. La lepre des hommes
8. Devenir le soleil
9. Now…Shine!!!
Mikko Koskinen - Drums
Count D - Vocals on 8 (part 1)
Frederick Gervais - Vocals on 8 (part 2)
Aline Boussaroque - Vocals on 8 (part 3)
Romaric Lamare - Vocals on 8 (part 4)
Sam Pillay - Vocals on 8 (part 5)
Aureilen Fouet-Barak - Percussion on 8 (part 4)
Simon C - Alto Saxophone on 8 (part 5)
Raphael Verguin - Cello on 5, 8 (part 2) and 9
Elisabeth Muller - Violin on 5
Julien Simon - Lyrics on 8
Record Label: Satanath Records


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