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Hell Boulevard – Not Sorry Award winner

Hell Boulevard
Not Sorry
by Barry Valentine at 03 November 2020, 12:10 PM

here back with another great band from Switzerland “Hell Boulevard”. They Formed in 2014, and are back with their third album release “Not Sorry” that was released on Sept. 18. We’ve gotten some great new music out of Switzerland, and these guys definitely bring it. Lets see what the bring to the table. The first song on the new album is “I Should Be Dead By Now”. It’s a very well written song, the tone, vocals, and the bands performance are on point. The production is done very well, the sound quality is high quality, and the song is a jamming tune.

The second song is the title track for the album “Not Sorry”, and it starts with a fading in intro before the guitars come in with a hard heavy riff. The lyrics are really catchy, and the chorus is very memorable. Another well written song, an certainly fitting for a title track. Just a great hard fast song. On to the third track “Speak Of The Devil”, and it starts off with a keyboard intro before the rapid session of chords, and percussion. The tempo changes for the lyrics and the chorus is great. These guys really have a solid sound, and really good at writing music.

I’m going to skip to the fifth song titled “Death To The Future”, I really dig the style of the band. Another quick intro before blasting with the metal. The songs all seem like they could be played on satellite radio with the quality and production, all have been catchy, heavy, and performed well. Moving ahead again to the eighth track “Queen Paranoia”. I really like this song, it’s tone, the lyrics, and the vocals make this badass. The feel of the song is upbeat, it flows really well, and doesn’t disappoint. Another catchy tune, and a continuation of everything we’ve heard already.

I’m going to jump ahead again to the tenth track “Romeo And Juliet” a different example of the bands range in style. A slower tempo, not as heavy as the previous songs, but still a solid metal song. I think this song is my favorite on the album so far. And finally onto the last track “To Hell And Beyond”. Again, another quick tempo, furious riffs with pounding percussion, and the vocals are on point. I cant speak up enough on their style, and tone. All the songs flowed very well, and were wrote to be hits.

Overall, these guys killed it. I really liked every song, they have this “Type O Negetive” sound, that they made their bitch! They went all out on the production, and sound quality. I would like to see these guys perform these songs live. I would recommend it to my friends, and hope to hear more from them.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Musicianship: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. I Should Be Dead By Now
2. Not Sorry
3. Speak Of The Devil
4. Ropes And Candles
5. Death To The Future
6. Where Is Your God Now
7. You Had Me At Fuck Off
8. Queen Paranoia
9. Hate Me
10. Like Romeo And Juliet
11. Lilies And Roses
12. To Hell And Beyond
VDiva – Vocals, Guitar
Von Marengo – Guitar
Raul Sanchez – Bass
Hangman – Drums
Record Label: Nocut Entertainment


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Edited 07 December 2022

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