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Hell Fire - Free Again

Hell Fire
Free Again
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 September 2017, 10:39 PM

Moments of truth when the past comes back to bite one’s behinds so hard that could only generate a high pitch scream, cracking the sky. This is classic Metal ladies and gentleman, and when push comes to shove, it will take you by storm no matter where you will be, from the looney bin to the office, it never fails. Well, like I always say there is nothing perfect, but at least there is another album to tune in to. The Sun dripping San Francisco created the newcomer HELL FIRE, choosing to look back to Metal’s prestigious heritage while turning their backs to the modern form of the music. Preferring to walk on their own in the industry, the band just last year released their debut “Metal Masses” and here they are a year and a half later with their second coming “Free Again”. Generally, guys, this is a major comeback to the old US Metal scene of the 80s with extra flavor.

The late 70s, the premature stages of NWOBHM, did a really good number on these guys. Talking the talk and doing the walk as if they were actually born at that crazy period of time, when folks started to recognize that there is musical term called Heavy Metal. To be more precise, as HELL FIRE’s “Free Again” wasn’t nurtured on the entire mighty masses of the old British movement, yet its creators definitely inhaled a lot of early IRON MAIDEN and RAINBOW, composing classy sounding twin guitar battles bearing tantalizing harmonies, along with holy riffs of the vintage era. Surely one of the band’s and album’s powerpoints. Moreover, the rhythm section itself, as tight as sounded, especially with the bass leading the charge so well, never gave any other idea but that it was British in origin, even though it is under the star-spangled banner. Added to the nostalgia of the British invasion, “Free Again” has the potent elements that mischief Speed and Thrash Metal deeply rooted in the minds of HELL FIRE’s members, conveying a destructive force of a battering ram along led by a manic high pitched preacher that might hinder your senses towards RAVEN, BLITZKRIEG and SATAN.

Usually when it comes to British Metal driven albums, I tend more to the melodic end, as it is simply inescapable, hard to run from. But really, who wants to? Especially if it is made by idle hands. However, I discovered “Beyond Nightmares”, proto Thrash Metal is the house baby and it is coming hard and strong to haunt your life’s essence even greater than the nightmares you dread. In a way it combines HELL FIRE’s influences and merits in a single fold, displaying their whole is such a splendid manner. A true headbanger right there. “Wheels of Fate”, contributing to the memory of racing champions, is actually a tragic tale, clouded by a veil of Heavy Metal by the book, melodic and impressively crafted. Like a lot of 80s albums, HELL FIRE chose to bring things to a close with a metallic balladry “End of Days”, which has hints of SCORPIONS but maintains a distinctly heavier edge. “Destroyer” and the blasting opener “Free Again” sends a catchier message, showing the band’s amazing songwriting consumed by the knowledge of which nerves to twitch.

There is never enough of the classic Metal vibe, and every single bit of it created nowadays is a blessing. Some might not reach the old standards, yet some might just blow your minds. “Free Again” is an example of an anti-trend, going with forward, sharing the blood with an era that is in the course of resurrection.

Purchase Link: Hell Fire

4 Star Rating

1. Free Again
2. City Ablaze
3. Live Forever
4. Wheels of Fate
5. Beyond Nightmares
6. The Dealer
7. Destroyer
8. End of Days
Jake Nunn - Vocals
Mike Smith - Drums
Tony Campos - Guitars
Herman Bandala - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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