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Hell Gun - Kings of Beyond

Hell Gun
Kings of Beyond
by Neil Cook at 06 October 2020, 8:28 PM

HELL GUN are another Metal band from the fertile soil of Brazil’s music scene.  They have been working on their sound since 2013, with an EP and a few singles under their (bullet) belt “Kings Of Beyond” is the debut full length album.

Their decidedly old school sound is rooted in Metal, a bit of NWOBHM, a touch of Thrash, a pinch of Power Metal, influences worn on the sleeves of their leather jackets no doubt.  These guys have gigged with the likes GRAVE DIGGER and ONSLAUGHT, and you can here why when you give the album a spin.

There are a lot of big riffs, pounding drums, screaming solos and hysterical screaming vocals everywhere through the record.  Perhaps one criticism is there is isn’t much light and shade, the pace is full on all the time, with a couple of exceptions, but more on those later.  For me the album’s second half edges it, it is as if they takes bit of time to get going in my opinion. But when they do, strap yourself in for a wild Metal Thrashing wild ride.

Of the first three tracks, “Dracula” isn’t much more than an extended intro piece, “Kings Of Beyond” is pure Thrash, reminds me of EXODUS, ONSLAUGHT and many other such bands, built on a jack-hammer drum beat and some serious OTT vocals. “Tears Of Ra” sounds a bit like MANOWAR doing Egypt rather than the usual chest thumping warrior thing. The song is so far over the top it ends up slightly the wrong side of cheese, a bit of a misstep, although the vocals are so right. Actually the vocals of Matheus Luciano are worth a mention. The guy has range from quite a restrained growl to crazy ear splitting wail, the man must have stainless steel vocal chords.

Night Of The Necromancer” is as bombastic as the name suggests. “Revolution Blade” is JUDAS PRIEST at their metal best, meets ANTHRAX in a dark alley for a knife fight. Great guitar solos and punchy chorus.  “Cult Of Ignorance” is more of that hybrid old school Metal moshing in the pit, and gives us a chunkier riff heavy tune with a few gear changes along the way.

Devil Dogs” is simply daft! and the most fun for it.  A thrash metal western made large in music. So silly I love it, because it stays just this side of the line,. Just! The manic laughter at the start of “Sacrifice” sets the tone. Moments of full on metal thrashing madness, cut with little diabolic cameos, if “Devil Dogs” was our western, this is our Hammer Horror film with a heavy metal soundtrack.

“Emily’s Possession” gives us a Heavy Metal opera. It tells a story in different passages, the vocals different for every one (this guys range is incredible!).  The madness is ramped up another notch, but done expertly.  In lesser hands this would have fallen apart into a farce, but HELL GUN manage to ride the razors edge like it was a rail. This did take more than one listen to get, and the album needs to warm up, but give it time, it grows into a gem.  And the name and imagery of the sleeve are deliciously old school.  Werewolves and gargoyles what is not to like!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Dracula
2. Kings Of Beyond
3. Tears Of Ra
4. Night Of The Necromancer
5. Revolution Blade
6. Cult Of Ignorance
7. Devil Dogs
8. Sacrifice
9. Emily’s Possession
Matheus Luciano – Vocals
Lucas Licheski – Guitar
Juan Carlos Fallas – Guitar
Marlon Woicizack – Bass
Sidnei Dubiella - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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