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Hell in the Club - Hell of Fame

Hell in the Club
Hell of Fame
by Emily Schneider at 09 November 2020, 6:40 PM

HELL IN THE CLUB is a European Hard Rock band featuring members of SECRET SPHERE and ELVENKING. The band initially formed in 2009 and has since released 5 albums. Their 5th studio album “Hell of Fame” was released in September and it certainly brings on 80s style Hard Rock and Metal nostalgia.

There were tracks like “We'll Never Leave the Castle” and “Joker” that were pretty typical Glam Rock worship a la DEF LEPPARD.  It was easy to imagine big hair, pleather pants, and bedazzled denim while listening to these songs. Then there were tracks like “Worst Case Scenario” and “Last of an Undying Kind” that were super catchy Power Metal infusions. I wasn't sure whether to dance along or bang my head at many points. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” and “No Room in Hell” bring on the edgier, 'ride a motorcycle wearing studded leather' similar to bands like ACCEPT. There's some great shred on the guitar in each as well.

“Lullaby for an Angel” is, of course, the expected ballad on the album. It was very SKID ROW with the emotional vocals and classy guitar solo in the heart of the track. “Mr. Grouch” reminded me a lot of VAN HALEN, especially with the fast pacing of the song, both the vocals and the in the guitar solo. Just add in Eddie Van Halen's iconic jump kick for a perfect homage. The closing song “Lucifer's Magic” was the best track for me. There was this foreboding feeling in the riffs, the vocals were rather theatrical (the falsetto ranged Ah ah ahs' had just a hint of KING DIAMOND in them) and the almost evil atmosphere they painted within this song was simply pretty damn cool. The solo in this Power Metal track was great too! Plus, that chorus is gonna be stuck in my head for days.

Overall, “Hell of Fame” is a solid album. HELL IN THE CLUB pays homage to their influences well, but sometimes struggles to stand out because of it. There were some highlights throughout, like great guitar solos and some incredibly catchy choruses in between the not as remarkable parts. I also found they shone a lot brighter in the more Power and Traditional Metal tracks. The melodies were stronger and more fleshed out in those tracks compared to the Glam sides of the album. Despite my personal preferences though, this album is still a blast to listen to and channels a plethora of 80s Rock subgenres as the album goes along.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. We’ll Never Leave the Castle
2. Worst Case Scenario
3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
4. Joker
5. Last of an Undying Kind
6. Nostalgia
7. Lullaby for an Angel
8. Mr. Grouch
9. No Room in Hell
10. Tokyo Lights
11. Lucifer's Magic
Davide "Dave" Moras -Vocals
Andrea "Picco" Piccardi - Guitars (lead)
Andrea "Andy" Buratto -Bass
Marco Lazzarini -Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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