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Hell In the Club - Devil on My Shoulder Award winner

Hell In the Club
Devil on My Shoulder
by Paulomaniaco at 01 November 2014, 12:21 PM

HELL IN THE CLUB is an Italian Rock "N" Roll band formed in 2009 and features members of SECRET SPHERE and ELVINKING. Italy has always come up with excellent bands of Heavy Metal and now they also have a cool Rock 'N' Roll Glam band, complete with the fitting hair.

Have already released one full length album entitled "Let The Games Begin" in 2011 now they have released their second effort entitled "Devil On My Shoulder" lovers of Glam bands like SKID ROW, STEEL PANTHER will love this album, I mean a band that have picked a style that was around 30 years ago and come up with the goods and make it sounding fresh again, you get to give them the credits for that and the respect as well.

First track of the CD: "Bare Hands" ,a very cool song with lots of variety, tones of guitar solos, "Devil On My Shoulder": the title track follows the same path, perhaps a little bit less complicated but full of energy and a very cool chorus, this album has lots of VAN HALEN influences bringing you back to the hey days of Glam Metal, "Beware Of The Candyman" kicks asses speeding and shredding all the way, HELL IN THE CLUB have managed to give us a very good and happy album thus bringing your mind to a state of happiness, lots of variation and you can see that on "Proud" ,a much slower and heavier song, excellent vocals and very catching as well.

"Whore Paint" is one of the best songs on the CD, very fast paced; the guitars very sharp and the bass very clear and heavy, the drums out on the loose, excellent song, kicks asses all the way. "Pole Dancer" a bit slower but also very technical and does get you in the mood, I mean a good mood. "Devil On My Shoulder" definitely has surprised me, there are tones of crap Glam bands out there and I really dislike them and also I really hate posers, but I did not have that feeling towards HELL IN THE CLUB. I think they are genuine people trying to make good music and trying to rescue a style long forgotten, I think  they have excelled, having managed to keep the essence in the music and also going a step higher in the process, therefore sounding very fresh, positive music with soul and managing to keep it very interesting and lots of fun indeed, as production goes, its fucking good; as for the art cover, no words.

5 Star Rating

1. Bare Hands
2. Devil On My Shoulder
3. Beware Of The Candyman
4. Proud
5. Whore Paint
6. Pole Dancer
7. We Are The Ones
8. Save Me
9. Toxic Love
10. Muse
11. Snowman Six
12. No More Goodbyes
13. Night
Andrea "Andy" Buratto - Bass
Federico  "Fede" Pennazzato - Drums
Andrea  "Picco" Piccardi - Guitars
Davide "Damna" Moras - Vocals
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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