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Hell Patrol - Leather and Chrome

Hell Patrol
Leather and Chrome
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 15 April 2018, 1:59 PM

Here we have the second effort since their first EP "Front Row Speedbanging Madness" (2015) from these Speed metallers from Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany,HELL PATRÖL. This brand new album is all DIY except the cover art by Jonathan Stenger was written and produced by HELL PATRÖL. They shared the stage with DESTRUCTION a few times since 2013. We have now 10 songs for about 45 minutes of insanity on "Leather and Chrome:. Don't get wrong…with many other bands having the same band's name since as you already know they were inspired from the JUDAS PRIEST song.

With Still Flyin,' we fall head first into the 80's. I get a strong RAVEN feeling here. Man it's pretty good, no fancy shit here, just plain good speed…in times when Thrash wasn't alive or called Speed Metal. There is a VOIVOD influence too (in the vocals) while being bullseye on the note wasn't that important if the energy was well invoked. Some may get annoyed by that, but not me. "Speed demons Arise" is an invitation to sing along with friends with booze in hand and screaming like there is no tomorrow.It's really a live warming song for gathering people. The drums sounds a little weird by moments, kinda bad rendering with high frequencies. A fairly generic solo get us to the finale ( should have been more aggressive or innovative in my opinion) but i like that song for its "cheer up" vibe.

"Don't panic" is fuckin' great, from the three first songs this ones is more well constructed, and written. We have a great solo, and pretty cool variations makes me feel like I'm listening to some old BLIND GUARDIAN at times. Domaniac used his voice on the middle range and its a wise choice since the vocals are not that impressive in higher ranges. "The Gunslinger'  is pure NWOBHM.  Bullets hail from everywhere…it's party music. The vocals are weak at times…a few notes shouldn't be in that song to help Domaniac fulfill his purpose quite more efficiently. JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN fans should like this one.

"Comin' Home" starts it up in known territories but its effective. I really like that one. It's nothing new but intense and gets me headbangin' insanely over my keyboard! The production could be better to render more justice to this powerful amazing song. I really dig the choruses…it gives a brand new vibe to the album, and the solos are quite moving. The drums made me air drumm so writing this paragraph was a little more difficult hehe! BE FOREWARNED HE'S COMING HOME!

"Death from the Sky" is quite fast paced again and has all the band's help to sing along. Menace is comin' from the sky! We can see the bombing from the air! I dig the energy deployed on this one. It's quite fun and interesting. We can feel they have great time playing it. "Tear Down the Wall" is very "voivodianin" in some aspects. I'm a huge VOIVOD fan. It starts slowly and gets us after in a speed attack then gets back in a medium tempo to make us feel the devistatation in its purest form.Love the title. There is a lot of guitar frenzy in the last part of the song. Domaniac's voice fits perfectly here. Great pounding drums, we could hear more bass here, but an amazing song.

Well, here we are not reinventing anything and I don't think this is the band's aim here anyway. We have great 80's influenced metal, in the likes of RAVEN, EXCITER, MOTÖRHEAD, etc. The production is the weakest thing here. But it was self produced, and I'm sure this will be better in the future. This is not dramatic, and maybe some listeners won't feel the same as me, but the drums cymbals were annoying for me.Vocals are quite good while remaining in their limits.I'd like to hear more low notes from Domaniac, be cause he can do good job in these avenues. Great job guys…maybe we'll party together in Canada sometime!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Still Flyin'
2. Speed Demons Rise
3. Don't Panic
4. The Gunslinger
5. Coming Home
6. Death From The Sky
7. Tear Down The Wall
8. Regicide
9. Millennial Speed Metal
10. Magnificent
Domaniac – Vocals & Bass
Christian – Guitars
Nico – Guitars
Flobo – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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