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Hell Puppets - Theatre Of Sin Award winner

Hell Puppets
Theatre Of Sin
by Lotty Whittingham at 20 October 2015, 9:48 PM

Given that Halloween is just around the corner it could not be a more perfect time to unleash a force of pure evil. The malevolence in question is a band that hail and conquer from London, Brighton and Chichester; they are HELL PUPPETS and they do a lot more than unleash a doppelganger within yourself. Their lethal weapon of choice is their debut album “Theatre Of Sin” and it is a record of great melodies, solid sounds and a lot of…well sin.

This malice quintet formed in the year 2011 and has since been making a great impact on the Metal community.  HELL PUPPETS rehearsed intensely for an entire year for performing their first local show in 2012. From that point they recorded a live session on their local radio station, had begun writing new material and released their EP “No Strings Attached” at the beginning of last year. This is their first full length album and it has unleashed evil into the midst.

The opening track ”Bow Bells” transports you into an audio horror film where the slow footsteps of a purposeful serial killer are clearly heard along with the blood curdling screams from his or her unfortunate victim. It slowly transitions into the solid first full track “…From Hell” that tells the story of famous London killer Jack The Ripper. The aggressive authentic infamous London cockney accent against the brutal distortion of the raw riffs, pounding bass line and roaring drums works an absolute treat. The line “Jacky never got caught” will be the quote on everyone’s lips at their live shows.

From that point on the album grows stronger and more powerful with the amount of evil it possesses, bringing its listener closer to the dark side with more Punk Horror anthems such as “Morbid Mirror”, “Political Diarrhoea” and “Halloween”. Let’s see if you can spot a famous movie theme within the album, there’s one in there that will be revealed when you listen to this spiteful yet beautiful specimen.

It ends in the sinister fashion of a horror movie, the cliff hanger that makes you wonder what will happen to those poor senseless victims and leaves you wanting more. The track in question is “Face The Reaper” and it will leave the unfortunate soul…..urmm sorry listener wanting more.

So if you wish to hear what a love child conceived by SEX PISTOLS and WHITE ZOMBIE would sound like? Then give HELL PUPPETS a spin, you will not regret it. Warning not for the faint hearted or the easily offended.

5 Star Rating

1. Bow Bells
2. …From Hell
3. Hung Drawn And Slaughtered
4. Born To Die
5. Project Mayhem
6. Political Diarrhoea
7. Drugged Up Shark
8. Halloween
9. We Are The Enemy
10. Morbid Mirror
11. The Decunted
12. Face The Reaper
Evil P – Vocals
Belial – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Graves – Guitars
Beelzeben – Bass, Backing Vocals
Saturnist – Drums 
Record Label: Independent


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