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Hell's Crows - Hell's Crows

Hell's Crows
Hell's Crows
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 September 2017, 5:23 PM

The road to hell is filled with good intentions, it is never an easy task to step on the ladder to reach one's’ prime goal, nothing is at a nick of time and not always can be planned ahead, at least for most of us. I have personal experience with over planning. In order to come up with a musical creation that would eventually sweep people off their feet, time has no meaning, even with the urge to have something out the door. Anyway, since we aren’t talking about me or general proceedings in music, I would like to introduce the Italian modern Metallers, HELL’S CROWS, which have been basking in themselves for quite some time until the release of their debut album “Hell’s Crows”, via the local Valery Records. The waiting, whether of the newfound fans, and of course the band, appeared to had been worth it.

I have never seen any logic in throwing away the modern evolution of Metal, though I am a kind of a freak for the old school dogma. HELL’S CROWS’ efforts on their debut added another clip to the chamber, another band that has been able to integrate their solidarity to the traditional flame alongside common elements and aspects that can be noticed on the vast majority of contemporary Metal albums. It is not obvious that this amalgamation is a sealed in stone deal on every example taking its place in the current market, it takes ample merits and qualities to commemorate the occasion. Earlier on I found the same vigor and high valued talents in such as the late Finnish KIUAS and also within the Italian ARTHEMIS, to my satisfaction, HELL’S CROWS didn’t constrain themselves on what they are able to accomplish with their music and songwriting.

“Hell’s Crows” shares impressive technical skills, which nurtured somewhat complex compositions, surmounting the traditional structures, presenting profound diversity, and that is without being referred to as a Progressive Metal entity par excellence. Furthermore, and probably one of the band’s valued possessions, a strong melodic directive served as a main purpose, conveying a valiant message within the bursting rhythm heaviness. The driving force of the twin axe force assimilated the roots of the past, delivering stunning harmonies and crafty soloing. The front end of the band, other than being a sonic high pitched screamer, holds the reigns tight, putting this layered voice pattern through more than the usual single dimension normality.

Heading down below, tightening the grip on the tracklist, I didn’t need that much effort to squeeze the band’s foremost creations. “Across the Sea” assembled the 80s vibe of RUNNING WILD, I was bewildered by the intro actually, not sure if I was still listening to the same band. “Fist of Steel” pounded as an actual fist, defining a tough as steel front of an old school track that went through modern modulation, very PRIMAL FEAR oriented. “Fall of the Divine” and “Hell’s Crows” ascertained the band’s treading with progression, puncturing with decisive speeding and robust riffery while maintaining notable moments of catchiness.

Another rising force from the land of the boot, fueled by motivation and Heavy Metal prowess. It may be modern but it sticks, it clings and will drive you into madness. Be sure to have your ears plugged into this one pretty soon before the next album will be out.

Purchase Link: Hell's Crows

4 Star Rating

1. Prelude to Decadence
2. Fall of the Divine
3. Back to the Future
4. Mechanical Quantum
5. Fist of Steel
6. Sons of the Wind
7. Nightmares
8. Executioner
9. Across the Sea
10. In the Eyes of Raider
11. Hell's Crows
Randy Rush - Vocals / Guitar
Yuri Fetisov - Lead Guitar
Alan Johns - Bass
Johnny Pezzola - Drums
Record Label: Valery Records


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