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Hell's Domain - Hell's Domain

Hell's Domain
Hell's Domain
by Joe Reed at 22 August 2013, 5:01 PM

HELL’S DOMANIN have just released their debut album on Punishment 18 Records and if you want to end your Summer with a Thrash, you need to put down whatever you are doing and pick this record up immediately!

Formed in 2007, these Danes include members of ARTILERY and HATESPHERE and have mastered a Bay Area via Germany approach to thrash that makes for one furious and enigmatic listen to say the least. From the onset of the record with “Days in Hell”, this self titled record demonstrates how to properly slay with its Teutonic tone played with American bravado. “In the Trenches”, for example, sounds as if “Among the Living” era ANTHRAX invited DESTRUCTION and TANKARD over for a drunken BBQ.

Long story short, this album is an interesting and creative spin on a familiar sound that should have an audience old and young alike dusting off their boots before heading in the pit. Eleven tracks are offered on this debut and if you are expecting fillers or throw away tracks you need think again because this record doesn’t let up from start to finish. Clear and bold production brings the guitars to life and the bass and drums are perfectly mixed to give the sound the extra beef necessary to thicken up the sound. “Walls Come Tumblin’ Down”, “Dead Civilization”, and “Hangman’s Fracture” are blistering slabs of thrash that stand out in many ways for their abrasive and piercing leads and powerful vocals that are belted with clear conviction and attitude. While not the fastest band on Earth, HELL’S DOMAIN execute a tasteful brand of Thrash that can please the speed freaks but win over those into other styles of Metal as well thanks to their well written, cleverly structured songs, solid vocal performance, and homage to classic metal in both spirit and performance. The vocal harmonies on “A Good Day to Die” demonstrate how truly talented Alex is a singer and the mid-paced an melodic grooves of “Crawling in the Shadows” show a side of the band’s character that transcends the confines of thrash that unfortunately can pigeon hold so many bands.

Lastly, I have to give this band its due for a well executed tribute to Danish legends CRIONIC with “Sneaking Disease”. Criminally under appreciated were CRIONIC, but if their successors to the Danish Thrash throne continue to churn out material as strong as their debut, HELL’S DOMAIN should not suffer a similar fate. 

4 Star Rating

1. Days in Hell
2. The Needle and the Vein
3. The Trenches
4. Order #227
5. The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down
6. Crawling in the Shadows
7. Dead Civilization
8. Hangman’s Fracture
9. As Good As Dead
10. A Good Day to Die
11. Sneaking Disease
Bjorn - Guitar
Lars - Bass
Alex - Vocals
Andreas - Guitar
Anders - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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