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Hell’s Guardian – Ex Adversis Resurgo

Hell's Gaurdian
Ex Adversis Resurgo
by Sebastien “Bass” Parent at 27 January 2016, 6:25 PM

Hello again Metal-Temple. Today I bring you an EP from HELL’S GUARDIAN called “Ex-Adversis Resurgo”. This band created in 2009 by the Formis brothers gave us their first full-length album in 2014. They are now giving us some amazing material on this extended play CD. I’ve got to say that I will be checking out their next release following this.I  didn’t give it a 9 because as good as the main songs on the EP are; I’m not a huge fan of the live recordings they added. But if it were only for “Fire and Persecution” and “Ex Adversis Resurgo”, it would have been a 9 for sure.

The intro is really well done in “Pagan Ritual”, right away we feel like we are in a rustic setting with a fire crackling in the fireplace. The move from this to “Fire Of Persecution” is completely seamless. In this song, Cesare totally kills it on the vocals. The melody is catchy, I even had to close my eyes on some part to let it sink in. A very well done song, and that’s not even the title song of the EP. Now for the meat of the EP: “Ex Adversis Resurgo”. Again, Cesare is at the top, but I have to point out the amazing work of everyone on this. There is an amazing progression in this song, Progressive style mixed with Melodic Death Metal, what an amazing feeling listening to this. The guitars are riffs were great, the solo was amazing, the bass and drums were just right.

The following two are live songs from Brixia Metal Fest. I love seeing a band live, but I don’t care much for live recording. I always feel like it takes away some of the power of the recording and on the other side, you don’t get the live show atmosphere as if you were present at the show. If it was a show I was at let say, it would appeal a lot more to me I think. Yet the songs are great and I shall see if I can find the recorded version of “Cradle’s Lake  and “Silence In Your Mind”.The last song of the EP “Follow Your Fate” is a very slow ballad style song in a Piano version. We are introduced to a female vocalist, and I got to say she fits in very well with Cesare tone when he’s singing with a clear voice.

I’m usually not a huge fan of EPs, as they are too short and usually contain only 1 good song and the rest is fillers. But this one baffled me with 2 amazing songs. I have an idea that this is not the last we hear of HELL’S GUARDIAN. I, for sure, will follow them closely. They remind me a lot of INSOMNIUM which is a favorite of mine. Make sure to check them out.


4 Star Rating

1. Pagan Ritual
2. Fire Of Persecution
3. Ex Adversis Resurgo
4. Cradle’s Lake (Live)
5. Silence in Your Mind (Live)
6. Follow Your Fate (Piano Version)
Cesare Damiolini – Vocals & Guitars
Freddie Formis – Guitars
Claudio Cor – Bass
Dylan Formis – Drums
Record Label: Record Union


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