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Hell Within - Asylum Of The Human Predator (CD)

Hell Within
Asylum Of The Human Predator
by Grigoris Chronis at 22 April 2005, 1:18 PM

Hardcore/Metalcore is the perfect example of an extreme genre in music letting anger flow endlessly, without any peripheral fanfaronisms (image, lyrics etc) initially pulling the strings. It's - at first -  music: the guitar chord, the bass line, the drum break. Bay Area or NY Thrash Metal approached this status, hence thrashers were also labelled with the punks with long hair characterisation. A weird period, wasn't it?
Boston, Massachusetts based quintet Hell Within were initially acting under the label Twytch. A full length album and an EP - Twytch in 2001 and Hatred in 2003 - marked the band's career, a career turning to more brutal paths along with the name, as it is obvious through the band's Asylum Of The Human Predator debut (of course, through premier Lifeforce Records label).
There's not much to be said here. With elements from: a) straight-edge hardcore, b) old-school U.S. Thrash, c) heavy Death Metal, Asylum Of The Human Predator is the proper record for those who'd like a mix of e.g. Agnostic Front, Slayer and Entombed under the same tree. The key word for the whole session is: brutal. Brutal vocals, brutal chords, brutal bass cuts, brutal drumming. Notice: the album is not only brutal, but it seems that all participants recorded in a brutal way. Wow…
I'm not the perfect editor to give in depth details of the band's music. Still, I can guarantee Hell Within are kickin' serious ass, in their field of play. Mainly HC, but flirting strongly with the Metal sound, this band seems to have all the potential to rise up rapidly. Will you support? You did that for Hatebreed and Caliban, remember?

4 Star Rating

Godspeed To Your Deathbed
Bleeding Me Black
Redemption… Is A Cold Body
Merchants Of The Blood Trade
A World To Murder
Self-Inflicted Silence
Asylum Of The Human Predator
Soul Revulsion
Swallow The Stitches
Open Eyes To Open Wounds
Isaias Martinez - Guitar
Tony Zimmerman - Guitar
Brian Bubba Joyce - Drums
Joe The Ham Martinez - Bass
Matt McChesney - Vocals
Record Label: LifeForce Records


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