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Hellbent & Hammered - Death Rattle Award winner

Hellbent & Hammered
Death Rattle
by Jeff Legg at 08 November 2014, 11:04 PM

I listen to music all day, every day, and usually go about my day with whatever I’ve chosen to listen to at the time, (usually a new release that I’m reviewing) blaring in the background, viscerally absorbing the sounds. Every now and then, I’ll put on something that makes me stop everything, push myself back from my desk, and just listen in amazement. Such is the case for “Death Rattle” from HELLBENT & HAMMERED. This band is heavy as hell, as a lot of bands are, but they also possess that “it” sound that eludes the majority of the current day “wannabes”.  This is my kind of music.

With the release of the EP “Death Rattle”, London-based HELLBENT & HAMMERED deliver a slab of lead that is certain to please the PANTERA-starved, HELLYEAH-loving, groove metal fan looking for a fix. Consisting of Giggs on guitar, Ryan on vocals, Jon on bass, and Burns on drums, these guys play a blues-laden, riff heavy style of heavy metal that vaulted many bands into the musical stratosphere back in the 80’s and 90’, and this quartet aren’t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves. PANTERA, CLUTCH, and LAMB OF GOD, to name a few, are easily recognizable on this four song EP. From Giggs’ vocals that are reminiscent of Phil Anselmo, to powerful, head crushing guitar riffs, to the throbbing bottom end provided by the bass and drum tracks, this offering is really special. The songwriting is immediately infectious and every song sounds like it was recorded with the intent to be played loud. The only problem with “Death Rattle” is that there are only four songs. I WANT MORE!!! HELLBENT & HAMMERED is a band that has definitely peaked my interest to the highest of levels, and in my opinion, should be a household name.

A lot of bands have the talent to play this style of music and produce relatively the same sound, but what these guys offer on “Death Rattle”, is raw, unadulterated passion and the ability to write a great heavy metal song, while not compromising their style. On paper, these guys aren’t’ supposed to be this good. You might ask, “they’ve been around for more than a decade, why haven’t they hit it big yet”? The reason is simple; promotion. HELLBENT & HAMMERED is legendary in the UK underground metal arena and it’s a shame that a band this good hasn’t been signed to a major label yet. I believe that their time will come soon because you can’t keep a good thing down forever.

If you’re a fan of PANTERA, DOWN, HELLYEAH, CLUTCH… (you get my point yet?), “Death Rattle” should already be in your collection; if not, do it now!!!!

5 Star Rating

1. Death Rattle
2. Hung, Drawn & Quartered
3. All Consuming
4. Built That Way
Giggs - Guitars
Ryan - Vocals
Jon - Bass
Burns - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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