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Hellborn Death Engines - Welcome To The Hellmouth

Hellborn Death Engines
Welcome To The Hellmouth
by Matt Coe at 01 July 2014, 10:22 AM

Thrash metal has seen a revitalization now entering a third generation. The originators of the 1980’s certainly are seeing great droves of audiences clamoring for more product and shows – and new generations from all parts of the globe are putting their own creative stamp on the proceedings. HELLBORN DEATH ENGINES are one of these younger acts, forming in 2011 and releasing a 3 song demo “Digital Nightmares” in 2013, setting the table for this debut full-length record.

The Canadian quartet perform in a heads down manner, the melodies from the verses often following the riff pattern – and of course the heavy gang-oriented choruses that promote audience screaming and shouting in unison with the band. Employing three different vocalists who attack in their own ways gives songs like “Kienzan” and “Dinopocalypse” more diversity. A lot of the lead breaks have that METALLICA/ Kirk Hammett thought out feel, while a majority of the music has a little bit of that EXODUS / DEATH ANGEL foundation along with some of that NUCLEAR ASSAULT/ SUICIDAL TENDENCIES crossover appeal in terms of the tempos and bass work.

And with lyrical topics around video games, comic books, movies, and pop culture, you know that they’ll gain a lot of street credibility with the teenagers and twenty-somethings. At this point, HELLBORN DEATH ENGINES have a decent Thrash style, but to be honest their execution leaves a lot to be desired in the originality department. The opening bass/ drum sequence that leads into “Masked Assassin” for instance is something I would expect ANTHRAX or DEATH ANGEL to write in their early demo days, not a band in 2014 who wish to establish their own sound.

In the end, “Welcome to the Hellmouth” does have a couple of highlights including the crushing stop/ start riff action on “Pain Angel” as well the shape shifting almost 8 minute closer “The Visitor” featuring some great slow twin guitar harmonies out of Scott Onofrychuk and Brandon McNeil near the concluding moments. So the future does look bright for these Canadians, and I expect a stronger follow up once they get more seasoning in terms of playing and performances.

3 Star Rating

1. Bridge of No Return
2. Dinopocalypse
3. Pain Angel
4. Dianoga
5. Kienzan
6. Beware (the Metal Blade)
7. Finishing Move
8. Masked Assassin
9. Villains
10. The Visitor
Scott Onofrychuk – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Brandon McNeil – Guitar, Harsh Vocals
Shaun Paulson – Bass, Clean Vocals
Brandon Morrison – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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