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Hellchamber - The Right To Remain

The Right To Remain
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 14 November 2013, 3:19 PM

HELLCHAMBER hail Canada, playing a mix of classic Heavy and Thrash Metal, the album named “The Right To Remain” and it’s their debut album after releasing an EP in 2012.

HELLCHAMBER’s “The Right To Remain is a 9 track album with an instrumental. “Sick of It All”, opening the parade, shows less Thrash and more late JUDAS PRIEST and FIGHT, meaning powerful Metal with the vocals in the middle mostly high pitched, not a bad start at all. “Alive” afterwards does show the band’s crankier Thrash up style, yet don’t let it confuse you it’s a classic American Metal track nothing too savvy. Moreover, the following “Hellbound” shares the same vibe. However, there are in store a cool surprise that comes on “Bring Me Down” that the style and guitar sound reminded me of METALLICA’s amazing album “Ride The Lightning”. This time I can claim that Shane Stone (vocals) does a great job, check out the song from top to bottom, feel the Thrash riff alongside the classic Thrash solo, probably the best song in the album. As you probably guessed, “Hellion” is somewhat the intro of the classic “Electric Eye” respectively and it’s a cover for JUDAS PRIEST. I beg your pardon if I will not share my opinion about the cover because nobody can be compared to JUDAS PRIEST therefore, not a bad try guys.

“The Day I Die” and “Warhorse” doesn’t expose anything amazing nor bad, these are good tracks and “The Ballad of James Dean” is yet again an instrumental and a nice one, so in the end I can say not bad at all but I will be happy for more actual songs and less instrumental.

Overall, HELLCHAMBER sound like JUDAS PRIEST. I will leave it to you to decide if it is good. Let’s hope that the album will take on the market well.

4 Star Rating

1. Sick of It All
2. Alive
3. Hellbound
4. Bring Me Down
5. Hellion
6. Electric Eye
7. The Day I Die
8. The Ballad of James Dean
9. Warhorse
Dean Eckert - Bass
Barry Branigan - Drums
Tyler Kinakin – Lead Guitars
Blake Charlton – Rhythm Guitars
Shane Stone - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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