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Hellcrash – Demonic Assassinatiön

Demonic Assassinatiön
by Gary Hernandez at 28 March 2023, 1:58 AM

Two years ago, Italian Black/Speed Metalists HELLCRASH were unleashed on the world with their debut LP, “Krvcifix Invertör.” On March 24, 2023, the hellwrecking trio returned with their second abomination, “Demonic Assassinatiön.” Like the cover that adorns it, this is an unapologetic ripper.

The album comprises 11 tracks, including a short intro and outro (creatively titled as “intro” and “outro”). It is analog and low-fi as they get . . . which is a perfect fit. Thematically, this is no high-brow concept album—Hell, destruction, and mayhem rule. Similarly, the lyrics are as profuse as they are profane. No surprise or let down here. You sign up for hellbent Thrash, you get hellbent Thrash. And this hardline consistency is what is so great about this album and this band. No pretension, just blunt assault Trash.

Apart from the intro and outro which have the vibe of a Hammer Horror soundtrack rendered through an Atari, there is zero nuance to this album. The bpm clocks somewhere around rabid, and the riffage is just north of savage. With that said, my selection of standout tracks includes those with a degree of compositional sophistication, namely “Usurper of Hell,” “Abyss of Lucifer,” “Serpent Skullfuck,” and “Demonic Assassinatiön.” And although they have a high degree of complexity, their delivery remains raw and essential. On one hand, I would love to hear these tracks (and the entire album, really) done up with richer production; On the other hand, half of the evil charm of this album comes through its visceral recording values.

I should mention, that upon close scrutiny I’m pretty sure the album cover is meant to depict the central scene of “Serpent Skullfuck.” I wondered why this didn’t demand the honor of title track. “Demonic Assassination,” however, is the longest track of the album and does delve into what might actually be characterized as movements. We’re not talking jazz improv Prog movements, but there are several distinct phases which border on exploratory.

HELLCRASH live up to their moniker on this album. “Demonic Assassinatiön” effectively slays.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Volcanic Outburst
2. Okkvlthammer
3. Satan's Crypt
4. Usurper of Hell
5. Abyss of Lucifer
6. Serpent Skullfuck
7. Finit Hic Deo
8. Graveripper
9. Demonic Assassinatiön
Skullcrusher – Bass
Hellraiser – Vocals, guitars
Nightkiller – Drums
Record Label: Dying Victims Production


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Edited 30 May 2023

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