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Helldorados - Lessons in Decay

Lessons in Decay
by Shaun “The Music Junky” Schwanke at 14 October 2014, 12:18 PM

Fans of the 80’s era of Sleaze and Glam Metal, prepare your selves for the next big thing… HELLDORADOS.  Well maybe not, music of this genre has not really been relevant for years but for the sake of this review I will just give a play by play of the tracks found within.

The album opens with “Seven Deadly Sins.”  Here you will find 80’s style riffing with a touch of hillbilly to them, and some group vocals.  Track two entitled “To Live Is To Die” not to be confused with METALLICA’s track of the same name delivers more of a punk vibe, this time around has some vocal harmonies throughout the choruses, but I still can’t help but think that the vocals are delivered a little lazily.  Next up is “The Devil Takes The Hind Most,” which has a bit more of a bluesy, Hard Rock vibe, with some syncopation going on throughout.  “We Won’t Back Down,” is the groups attempt at an anthem from the days of yore.  I can’t help but get a “Jessies Girl,” vibe from this song.  Once again there are vocal harmonies throughout, and the usual 80’s riffs.  It also has a definite modern GREEN DAY feel to it vocally.  “Let Us Pray,” is more straight-up Classic Rock with some group vocals once again.  Track six entitled “In For The Kill,” whilst still maintaining a total 80’s vibe also touches on a bit of Thrash Metal throughout.  The song has a very off vocal cadence as well as some off-time instrumentation, which at times feels as though it lurches to and fro.  The solo is well written and does seem to compliment the song.

Here we have another song, which name harkens back to the founding fathers of Thrash Metal… ”Wake Up Dead,” and no this is not a MEGADETH cover song.  Although the riff seems to be a blatant rip off from the aforementioned band’s “Hangar 18,” that is the only similarity that can be found unfortunately. “Something Sweet,” brings you a little bit more of that hillbilly rock touched on earlier in the album. “Megalomaniac,” is a little more metal than most of the tracks. It bares similarities of old MOTORHEAD, and once again has group vocals throughout. “By The Progress,” brings you more rock from days gone by, although this track has a dual guitar harmony section that is the highlight of the album for me. And in finality “Anytime Anywhere,” closes out the album with a less than stellar song featuring vocals which are comparable to WEIRD AL YANKOVIK.

In short if completely unoriginal music, which sounds like everything else that came out of the 80’s HELLDORADOS might just tickle your stick. These Germans really could have rose to the top in say 1985.  Although the production is good, the song writing is solid, and these guys are clearly capable musicians the genre is rife with the stereotypes of 80’s glam bands which I personally am glad to see has gone to the grave.

2 Star Rating

1. Seven Deadly Sins
2. To Live Is To Die
3. The Devil Takes The Hind Most
4. We Won’t back Down
5. Let Us Pray
6. In For The Kill
7. Wake Up Dead
8. Something Sweet
9. Megalomaniac
10. By The Progress
11. Anytime Anywhere
Pierre - Vocals
Steve  - Guitar
Gunnar -Bass
Chris – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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