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Helldorados - Self-Titled

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 August 2012, 10:29 AM

I don't know if this has been on a regular basis for Massacre Records to sign Sleaze / Glam Metal bands. If it is so, they got me cornered right there with HELLDORADOS, a local German band twisting and shouting. "Helldorados", released just a short time ago is an attempt to recreate the same moments of old school Glam with a look towards the present and future. It is like shaping MOTLEY CRUE along with the new spirit of the Swedish Glam bands. The end result was pretty good but in a way it lacked fervor and spunk, which are the main aspects of every kind of Sleaze Metal band. Therefore I think that Massacre Records misunderstood what HELLDORADOS were trying to show on their release. The Sleaze thing is absent from the equation, probably got lost in the formation of ideas. HELLDORADOS are certainly not BRITNEY FOXX or PRETTY BOY FLOYD, but their display was also commendable.

Mainly the prime element that got to me on the album was the band's frontman, Pierre. If I was him I would have tried out for a Thrash Metal or Emocore band. His voice is more Hetfield and Mustaine than the sweetness of Sleaze / Glam singers like Vince Neil for that matter. Pierre introduced low-mid to mid range vocals as that kind of music demands more out the singer. Pierre is a good singer just not for what they band tried to implement. I sensed a lack of enthusiasm within the vocal line though there off shoots like the pleasurable and mainly the only real sleazy song around here, "Got Laid". As for the music, in general HELLDORADOS played it out by the book, no less but also not more. Their two ballads, "Changes" and "Gone" were impressive, easy and to the point with extra emotional basis. With more speed and rhythm there are "Shout Out" and the solid "Hunter" that turned out to be quite an ordinary Hard Rock cruncher.

In overall, this is a rather typical Hard Rock / Hard N' Heavy album without too many hints of Sleaze music. The music is pretty general with only several occasions off the scale examples. As for the vocals I suggest on toughing up that spot. HELLDORADOS are a fine choice for those who appreciate good Hard N' Heavy but certainly it is not the prime time.

3 Star Rating

1. In The Beginning
2. Never Gonna Stop
3. You Live, You Learn, You Die
4. Go To Hell
5. Changes
6. Shout Out
7. Hunter
8. Double Dealer
9. Gone
10. Torture In My Name
11. Girls
12. Got Laid 
Pierre- Lead Vocals
Steve- Guitars
Gunnar- Bass
Chris- Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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