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Hellectricity - Salem Blood

Salem Blood
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 January 2013, 10:44 AM

I have never stated this before, but for some reason I have to say this no matter what: I was fooled. From day one that since I have been doing reviews I have never logged onto YouTube to check out a band that I was about to review, nor will I ever will do such as a deed. I don’t believe that it should be done as every reviewer should bear in mind that an open box can bring wonders in the future and opens one’s head into new experiences. I am talking about Metal and Rock music mainly because there are limits of how far an enthusiastic fan would go. So why was I fooled? Yeah I mislead by the artwork of this band from Poland named HELLECTRICITY, quite an electrical charge there, that displayed a simply amazing 80s direction of Thrash origin rather than the Heavy Metal stuff this band has been playing. On the other hand, the band’ Heavy Metal music isn’t what you think. HELLECTRICITY has been playing an updated version of Heavy Metal, with an equally modern production to match their dogma, following bands like METALLICA, MOTORHEAD and bits and pieces of the groovish nature of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and PANTERA. I had the chance to review the band’s debut album, “Salem Blood”, via Metal Mind Productions. Being deceived and all didn’t intimidate me after the first listening session and I carried on to another. To say that it was fruitful? I would say and average experience, nothing more.

I believe that what HELLECTRICITY should take further to their sophomore release is the fact that Heavy Metal, even on its modern form, needs more bases of attraction, meaning it needs more content. “Salem Blood” hit with fury, loaded riffing demonstrating toughness and eagerness to be heavy and ruthless, yet what about a few melodic shards, scarce harmonies or even a small selection of solos that would be noticeable to the naked ear? I guess that they misplaced those while treating the songs as rhythm based. In general, the guitar playing was fine, so was the rhythm section that kept a steady line of more or less impressive outputs creating a kind of flowing stuff. The reason that it wasn’t memorable was the fact that the vocal line lacked explosiveness and I might say a bit more impulsiveness, without even a shred of melodic features that might make one recollect the fine moments. There were songs that affected more than others like “Don’t Burn the Witch”, a song that didn’t relatively fit to its name, musically concerned. “Eat Me Alive”, the best track of the album, a pure MOTORHEAD / Speed Metal fury and probably the only hint of the late 70s, early 80s stuff of the British giant but a real smack in the face for those in favor. “Endless Lie” and “Plague LXIX”, almost compelled modern Thrashers, pretty strong verses and tough rhythms, the decent solos were boiled under the rhythm guitars but that is for the production to make it matter.

“Salem Blood” has the guts of today’s Metal nation. It is furious, insanely heavy but lacks the composure and authentic nature of the classic nature of Metal music. The large part of the album’s material is solid but without any memorable fusions that might indicate of anything brilliant. Let’s hope a better result for the next release.

3 Star Rating

1. Silver Bullets
2. Endless Lie
3. Wolf or Man
4. Plague LXIX
5. Nightmare
6. Don’t Burn the Witch
7. Eat Me Alive
8. Beware of Light
9. Salem Blood
10. Prophecy
Rufus- Vocals
Przemas- Guitars
Kuba- Guitars
Wiśnia- Drums
Błarz- Bass
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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