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Hellfueled - Born II Rock (CD)

Born II Rock
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 27 October 2006, 3:57 PM

Are you tired of waiting for the new Ozzy Osbourne album? Is Zakk Wylde your favorite guitar player? Do you want something brand new to break your bones and make your head bang for about 38 minutes? I think that I have just what you are looking for!Hellfueled are exactly what I described above!
Formerly known as Firebug, Hellfueled were formed in Sweden in 1998. Under the name of Firebug, they released a promo CD titled Below the same year. Anyway, they changed their name to Hellfueled in 1999 and have released various demos that contained many covers like Black Sabbath's Children Of The Grave, Judas Priest's Electric Eye and Thin Lizzy's Cold Sweat. They released their debut album Volume One in 2004, and now their second work via Black Lodge.
Born II Rock is more than a decent CD and it is packed with a great production. The technical skills of the band are incredible and guitars are as I mentioned in the intro in a Zakk Wylde style. The singer is trying to sound exactly like Ozzy, and I admit his is doing just fine! As I said before, this could be Ozzy's new album. These guys surely know how to rock but it takes more than a copy/paste method to earn the respect of the Metal audience. They have the talent and the power to do something more unique. There is no way that someone can describe this album as bad or something like that, it is just that they have no personality as a band. I think that this is what holds them back and doesn't let them become more known to the Metal community. Believe me, there is no doubt that they can do it!
If you worship Ozzy be sure to check out these guys! You will love them! This album is also suggested to all who love the heavy sound. My advice is that if you have money to spend on CD's do not prefer to buy this one. If you have better options, keep this album in mind. It is worth some spare money…
Born II Rock was also released in a metal box limited to 3000 copies.

3 Star Rating

Can't Get Enough
Regain Your Crown
Look Out
Born To Rock
Girls Girls
On The Run
Make It Home
I Don't Care
Andy - Vocals
Henke - Bass
Jocke - Guitar
Kent - Drums
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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