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Hellfueled - Emission Of Sins (CD)

Emission Of Sins
by Harry Papadopoulos at 27 December 2009, 11:22 AM

After I have downloaded the digital promo of this band that I only knew by name and saw their ancestry I was ready to listen to another Swedish act with the trademark Metal sound. Fortunately, I was way wrong and HELLFUELED with their fourth album made me remember how Metal should sound.

HELLFUELED was born in Huskvarna, Sweden back in 1998. Jocke and Andy knew each other from high school while the first one new Kent. Since, they were from a small town with few metalheads, they started hanging around with Henke and eventually convinced him to play the rhythm guitar. They started playing heavy music with influences from ENTOMDED and CATHEDRAL. After some band name changes Andy left the bass to Henke to concentrate to the vocals, they changed their musical direction to more classic Metal forms, without leaving the groovy parts outside. So, after half a dozen of demos and three albums, HELLFUELED are back with their fourth full length release Emission Of Sins.

You only have to listen to the first riff and to Andy's timbre to understand the music genre of the next 40 minutes. And what's that? Mid tempo rhythms, heavy but groovy riffs and… Ozzy sounding vocals! Ok, not with double Z, but Alkman's voice is almost the same with a bit more melody. At first it was a bit awkward as an outfit, but after one or two listenings you will agree with me that the combination is great. If we wanted to mark one or two bands that  Emission Of Sins will bring in mind, those would be DOWN in tracks like Save Me, the good old IN FLAMES (just listen the intro of In Anger followed by a catchy groove riff) and a pinch of ALICE IN CHAINS and SOUNGARDEN through throughout the album. I should not forget to mention Zakk Wylde, whose influence is everywhere. I tried to spot some highlight songs in this album, but I wasn't able to. All the songs are on the same high level.

This would have been a great album if some way too more melodic choruses weren't there that sometimes mess up the compositions. But don't let that spoil the fun and all the good work that those four guys put in Emission Of Sins. I believe that every Metal fan should give this album a chance.

3 Star Rating

Where Angels Die
Am I Blind?
I'm The Crucifix
A Remission Of My Sins
Save Me
Lost Forever
For My Family And Satan
In Anger
End Of The Road
Stone By Stone
Moving On
Andy Alkman - Vocals
Jocke Lundgren - Guitars
Kent G Svensson - Drums
Henke Lonn - Bass
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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