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HellgardeN – Making Noise, Living Fast

Making Noise, Living Fast
by Caio Botrel at 18 May 2020, 6:04 PM

HELLGARDEN is a Brazilian metal band with a lot of grooves and heaviness in their sound. They have recently released their newest album “Making Noise, Living Fast” and that’s what we are going to talk about.

Well, the first song is “Spit On Hipocrisy” and it starts with a very PANTERA kind of riff and they could easily say that its some hidden demos from the mentioned band that were recorded in a nice quality. There are nice riffs, the vocals are good, but I’ve heard It somewhere… “Evolution or Destruction” starts with a different vibe from the previous song and it caught my attention. The guitar work here is pretty nice and it seems that the guitarist is showing his own identity. The vocals are aggressive as fuck and there are a few backing vocals that should be a little bit louder in the mix. But it’s a song that I imagine the whole place going down when the first chords starts to sound. The song changes its dynamics and there’s some good headbanging riffs with some different vocals as well.

Learned To Play Dirty” starts hitting you right in the face and I really enjoyed the drum work here. I could totally imagine PHIL ANSELMO vocals on this one and I believe that the Diego was probably inspired by him. The solo seems to be like DIMEBAG DARREL style and that was cool to hear. “Fuck the Consequences” starts out with a Brazilian speech “música quatro, take um” and then it all goes down with pure heaviness and a lot of grooves. Good song.

Brainwash” starts out with a different guitar riff and I liked how it sounds. It feels more unique and with a more defined identity than the previous songs. It have a lot of potential and I’m glad that this song is on the album… its pretty cool. “Making Noise, Living Fast” is the title track of the album and it starts out with a  great bass lines followed by some guitar whammy bar works and then it hits in with all aggressiveness that Groove Metal has. This song is different and what I could say that fits better the idea of the band. Everything here is really good, you will definitely enjoy it.

Believe in yourself or Die” starts out with a groovy guitar riff and some massive drums.  The chorus is pretty good and I liked how it sounded. “Possessed by Noise” is the song that closes the album and it starts out with some guitar riffs followed by some precise bass lines and a heavy drumming that grows into something really aggressive. The vocal works here are different from the previous song and that was a really good song to end the album.

HELLGARDEN have written and released a good Groove Metal album, but I must say that it sounds a lot like PANTERA. I’m pretty sure that they are all influenced by these legends, but I liked more the songs that they sounded different from the mentioned band. They a have a lot of potential and are all great musicians, so I think that investing in their own identity would give them much more power. Besides that, it’s a great album. Pra cima porra!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Spit on Hipocrisy
2. Evolution or Destruction
3. Learned To Play Dirty
4. Fuck the Consequences
5. Brainwash
6. Making Noise, Living Fast
7. Believe In Yourself or Die
8. Possessed by Noise
Diego Pascuci – Vocals
Caick Gabriel Cavallari – Guitars
Guilherme Biondo – Bass
Matheus Barreiros – Drums
Record Label: Brutal Records US


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Edited 06 December 2022

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