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Hellish War - Keep It Hellish Award winner

Hellish War
Keep It Hellish
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein / Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 01 July 2013, 5:41 PM


The elixir of the gods, resonances from a distant past re-divulging their old form for the purpose of remembrance, a pure crux of nostalgia and profound past glories, a feeling of sensation that I had to undergo. Then I started thinking, a bit with fear, which is going to lead the traditional Metal scene after the colossal gods of the 80s will all perish into a final slumber? The worldwide Metal scene is depended by its followers, those bands that has it in them to revamp old times gone by. It will take some time, yet I believe that we will be in good hands. I came to that very conclusion after spending time with the new album of the Brazilian HELLISH WAR, displaying the old school 80s driven energies of RUNNING WILD, IRON MAIDEN, GRAVE DIGGER and PARAGON. Speed, Heavy and Power Metal joint with vengeance against the modern age with conviction, letting the word out that one day there will be a massive comeback larger in scale. After releasing two albums within their local Metal community, HELLISH WAR arrived to Europe with the help of Pure Steel Records unleashing its third release, “Keep It Hellish”. Other than the Swedish scene that has been turning heads with its 80s Metal perspectives, the Brazilian invaders are not less than mesmerising.

It would seem easy to compare “Keep It Hellish” with various old RUNNING WILD and GRAVE DIGGER titles, even up until 1998’s “The Rivalry” or several affiliations to 1993’s “The Reaper”, yet other than the sheer speed, itching with fast tremolo picking riffs of melodic nature, and gut splitting mid pace scorchers, HELLISH WAR has that fine harmonious MAIDEN spirit within their arsenal of 80s Metal knowledge and craft. Furthermore, this album, consisting of 10 tracks, is above the hour of playing time, inundated with epic proportions but in fact, didn’t feel like it at all. Not that it demonstrated any kind of an perplexity, hitherto as it came to be, “Keep It Hellish” dashed and flew by pretty fast, leaving me wishing for more. That is called a true blood hunger for Metal people. I have to admit that every now and then the material appeared overly stretched, though being rather easy to comprehend and far from being any sort of a musical evolution; on the other hand, that same length paved the lane for alluring additional technical lead guitar licks and solos by the highly skilled twin guitar menace and more of than speed demon, fast pace pounding of the drums.

“Keep It Hellish” is net of 80s Metal fluency, not a single song faltered with its overall atmosphere. It was like falling into a dark hole with various labyrinths and enjoying it. Maybe I went too far on that one. Clearly this album is a long journey, yet without a world of hurt attached. It will be easy to get entangled by the melodic appreciation, the swiftness, harmonic demeanour and sense of speed of this fine group of five. HELLISH WAR can go gold, and I am sure that they will one day. For now, you would better enjoy “Reflects on the Blade”, “Fire And Killing” and “Darkness Ride”, the album’s super blasters, yet don’t think for a second to pass by the rest. Undoubtedly, this is one of the better traditional Metal compelled releases of this year, stay tuned.


WOW, what is this??? This CD astonished me to the very depths of my Metal heart!

The Metal warriors from HELLISH WAR, from Campinas (SP) are back with their new album, “Keep It Hellish”, after a time full of doubts about their future due the changing of vocalist.

But they’re full of blood in their eyes and rage in their hearts, and it is clear in their music, for their Heavy / Power Metal in the German way, strong and proud of it, is more aggressive than before. Great vocals (Bil Martins shows that he is the right choice, fusing aggressiveness with melodies with no difficulties), excellent guitars (both in riffs and solos, for VULCANO and Daniel Job are together since long), bass and drums strong in the basis, but with a very good technique (the bassist JR have a good technique, and Daniel Person is a wild stallion on drumming heavy as Hell). And be prepared for the attack, for this warrior is a pure breed one, fierce and wild!

Ricardo Piccolli had done a fine work on producing the album, giving strength and weight to the band’s music, powerful and going straight to old Metal fans’ soul, without sounding “out-of-date”. The art is a fine piece done by Eduardo “Zé Helloween” Burato, and in the cover, it seems the very same person from “Defenders of Metal”, in a possible allusion to rebirth.

Excellent from beginning to the end, “Keep It Hellish” born to be a masterpiece and it really is. The best songs are “Keep It Hellish” (vigorous and full of energy, with good chorus, excellent vocals and guitars), the slower “The Challenge”, “Reflects of the Blade” (the drums are excellent here), the more aggressive “Master of Wreckage”, “Darkness Ride” and “The Quest” (Bil Martins is showing his potential in this track along with guitars).

Yes, HELLISH WAR is back, and they’re up to conquest your heart, and to make your neck ache! Welcome back, great warriors!

4 Star Rating

1. Keep It Hellish
2. The Challenge
3. Reflects on the Blade
4. Fire And Killing
5. Masters of Wreckage
6. Battle at Sea
7. Phanton Ship
8. Scars (Underneath Your Skin)
9. Darkness Ride
10. The Quest
Bil Martins - Vocals
Vulcano - Guitars
Daniel Job - Guitars
JR - Bass
Daniel Person - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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