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Hellish War - Heroes Of Tomorrow (CD)

Hellish War
Heroes Of Tomorrow
by Grigoris Chronis at 14 December 2008, 5:05 PM

With a name like this you can't fail much (just trying to type something, huh)! HELLISH WAR hails from Brazil and their second, now self-financed, Heroes Of Tomorrow CD (originally pressed/issued in early 2008) will now enjoy some normal promotion/distribution via Germany's Pure Steel Records. Thankfully, we can add.
What's the deal with this Brazilian quintet anyway? They've been around for more than 10 years but just in 2001 did they succeed in releasing their debut album, Defender Of Metal via their country's Megahard label (a promising print; responsible for releases from Brazilian bands like DARK AVENGER, ENDLESS, SILVER BLADE and ABRASION back then - think they're out of business the last years…) and then kept silent for seven years. This year's follow-up comes to certify a good band's still around, by any means, since…
Heroes Of Tomorrow is a decent Heavy Metal album capable of fulfilling your wants if you're fond of the IRON MAIDEN/RUNNING WILD tactics in our beloved music. The British legends do have a bigger portion in HELLSIH WAR's music since the new album carries a shitload of dual guitar themes and relevant licks while the songwriting of specific songparts shall also remind - to an extend - the guidelines IRON MAIDEN used in the 80s. The riffing lays most on the RUNNING WILD side of Metal with the vocals adding more such spice; harsh yet clean (and with a good accent) they contribute the most into making HELLISH WAR's music 'pirate' enough. The total output can be saluted as Heavy/Power Metal to the bone with no signs of 'barbaric' Epic Metal willpower.
HELLISH WAR's skills surpass such practices, anyway. The guitars themes are superb, with a well-motivated sound that seems both classic yet fresh, while the rhythm section is pounding without making no-reason noise, serving greatly the groove needed in order to unveil some Europe-centered Metal music ready for boarding in your CD player. Even if the average duration of the CD's songs is adequate enough, coherence is obvious and (now thinking of some ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, early HELLOWEEN and W.A.S.P. references, too - plus I can recall my country's MARAUDER/POWER CRUE bands) no single track shall be thrown away as a filler. No such case; hence the absence of 'specific songs' reference(s).
Who cares if the album's a self release? Heroes Of Tomorrow is an effort many Euro Metal bands would like to have written instead of flirting with 'candy' Metal. The tempos, the intermezzos, the leads, the 'exotic' atmosphere (fitting keys where needed, too)…HELLISH WAR performs fine 80s Heavy-to-Power Metal music from the heart; nuff said. Check here and then contact the band for details.

P.S.1: The same-titled track is an opus. Really a fantastic song.
P.S.2: A minor drawback; advertising but not maintaining an official website while having a hard-to-use MySpace page is kinda far from being a good idea/promotional tool.

4 Star Rating

Straight From Hell
Die For Glory
Metal Forever
Son Of The King
My Freedom
Heroes Of Tomorrow
Roger Hammer - Vocals
Daniel Job - Guitar, Keyboards
Daniel Person - Drums
JR - Bass
Vulcano - Guitar
Record Label: Self Released


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