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Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys The Legacy World Tour (CD)

Keeper Of The Seven Keys The Legacy World Tour
by Michael Dalakos at 12 May 2007, 11:57 AM

The ambitious third part of the critically acclaimed and fans praised trilogy of the Keeper Of The Seven Keys albums was indeed a quite successful task landing once again those long-living German metalers in the Champions League of European metal (after a rather mediocre Rabbits Don't Come Easy album a year earlier). So what is the best way to promote this than a having large worldwide tour and a DVD to cash out from?

More than two hours of music material / live performance is encoded in this double DVD. The set is basically recorded in Sao Paulo but several tracks can be viewed with the ability of alternative view from two other shows (in Sofia and Tokyo).

The set list is as possibly balanced (considering the fact that the pumpkins have twelve studio albums now) with additional weight falling upon the three Keepers (the wisest choice of them all) while albums like The Dark Ride, Rabbits Don't Come Easy, Master Of The Rings have a small share of the pie (well I guess you can't satisfy them all). No, there are no tunes from Walls of Jericho, are you mental? OK I always hope to see in such kind of releases some really obscure stuff but I can't really complain since this DVD as quite full of stuff.

Obviously the performance of the band is top notch and who can really expected anything less than that? I mean these dudes are pros.

As a DVD this one is quite satisfactory from a technical aspect, both sound & image are excellent produced.

Extra stuff? Yes there is. On the second DVD apart some more live footage the fan can check out the two videos of Mrs. God and Light The Universe, a road movie featuring the band and lots of the personnel in charge of the tour, last but not least there's an interview segment.

In conclusion this is a well crafted DVD for the devoted fans and a good chance for new fans to get in touch with this act.

3 Star Rating

Disc 1

Intro (Sao Paulo)
The King For A 1000 Years (Sao Paulo)
Eagle Fly Free (Sao Paulo)
Hell Was Made In Heaven (Sao Paulo)
Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Sao Paulo - alternative view Sofia)
A Tale That Wasn't Right (Sao Paulo - alternative view Sofia)
Drum Solo (Edit from Sao Paulo, Sofia and Tokyo)
Mr. Torture (Sao Paulo - alternative view Tokyo)
If I Could Fly (Sao Paulo)
Guitar Solo (Edit from Sao Paulo, Sofia and Tokyo)
Power (Sao Paulo)
Future World (Sao Paulo)
The Invisible Man (Sao Paulo)
Mrs. God (Sao Paulo)
I Want Out (Sao Paulo - alternative view Sofia)
Dr. Stein (Sao Paulo - alternative view Tokyo)
Outro (Sao Paulo)

Disc 2

Occasion Avenue (Tokyo)
Halloween (Masters Of Rock, Vicovice CZ)
Mrs. God (Video Clip)
Light The Universe (Video Clip)
Andi Deris - Vocals
Michael Weikath - Guitar
Sascha Gerstner - Guitar
Markus Grobkopf - Bass
Dani Loble - Drums
Record Label: SPV


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