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Hellspirit - Dawn Under Curse Award winner

Dawn Under Curse
by Paulo Maniaco at 23 June 2014, 5:21 PM

HELLSPIRIT, a band from Finland formed in 2004 have just released their first full album entitled "Dawn Under Curse” and it is very good indeed, however the CD begins with an instrumental called "Call To Arms" with a duration of over three minutes. To me a waste of space on the CD and it adds nothing to it really, a CD with six songs then it becomes five songs. I just can't understand the purpose of that, that is my only bad comment about "Dawn Under Curse".

They define their music as Epic Black Metal but in the beginning they used to play more Thrash Metal and the outcome now is very interesting because they bring to the music a bit of the old sounding therefore it is not quite like the traditional Black Metal. "Weak Flesh Filthy Blood" blows on your face with deep and harsh vocals, then you have "Total Holocaust"; killer solos, riffs played with amazing precision, and lots of tempo changes. “Eternal Night (Millennia Of Mighty)" ‘is an eleven minutes song, that makes up for the ground lost with the non- sense instrumental, and it is all about "Blood And Metal" and HELLSPIRIT have survived the battle, with a very smart and true to their roots album, sounding very modern but kept old school approach. I highly recommend it to all die hard maniacs out there, hail Finland!

4 Star Rating

1. Call To Arms
2. Weak Flesh Filthy Blood
3. Unholy Redemption
4. Eternal Night (Millennia Of Mighty)
5. Total Holocaust
6. Blood And Metal
Baron Dethrone – Vocals, Guitars
Heinrich Von Heretik – Bass, Back Vocals
Eld - Drums
MSA - Guitars
Record Label: Saturnal Records


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