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Hellyeah - Welcome Home Award winner

Welcome Home
by Cullen Baldridge at 12 October 2019, 9:15 PM

I personally could not wait to hear this release, I've been a HELLYEAH fan since day one, actually anything Dime and Vinnie, well not so much the Glam days of PANTERA but from "Cowboys From Hell" and on REBEL MEETS REBEL, DAMAGE PLAN and HELLYEAH, 100%. I've owned every PANTERA album from "Cowboys From Hell to DAMAGEPLAN to every HELLYEAH album and could not wait to hear Vinnie's final masterpiece.

The album opens up to what Chad Gray has proclaimed as Vinnie's baby "333" and Vinnie came to jam on this song, it's an aggressive song, from the opening screams, to the very end, although I'm not 100% he did all drum tracks as said, I feel he left his mark on this song, with his style of playing over the top and not trying to fit in the grooves and cracks. "Oh My God" is your typical kick ass HELLYEAH song, nothing really new here but still a great song.

"Welcome Home" happen to be the title track, it has a familiar HELLYEAH heavy and soft side, although this has never been my favorite style of a HELLYEAH song, It's still better than a lot of stuff out there today. "I'm The One" isn't one of my favorites on the album but the heavier areas of the song rock without a doubt. "Black Flag Army" is without a doubt my favorite song on the album, yes I know I said that the soft and heavy hasn't really ever been my favorite but this one is brilliantly done, from the killer vocals, awesome riffs, to the brutal drums and alluring bass lines, the lyrics are amazing and speak to you. "At Wick's End" manages to take a fine line right down the center, it's not on the hard side or soft side, to me it's kind of experimental, it's not exactly what I'm accustomed to with HELLYEAH.

"Perfect" is another song that isn't what you would expect from HELLYEAH but it is a great song all on its own, it kind of has an alternative intro to me and is technically the anti-perfect song. "Bury You" brings you back to crushing drums, heavy strings and the highs and lows of a normal song sang by Chad Gray. "Boy" seems to be a page borrowed from a band that they did some shows with last tour, CANE HILL,

"Skyy And Water" brings us to story time, I have had a bro die from cancer recently and I thought I would work on this review to take my mind off of things and my music players is on some kind of a shuffle thing that I don't know how to change and it switches to this song after "333" was over and it messed me up, I had already listened to the album several times but I guess it didn't really have a personal meaning until then, it's a soft song about meeting someone again. "Irreplaceable" isn't a song at all and is only actually 18 seconds long, it's Vinnie giving his definition of a wonderful time, which is "Irreplaceable"

"Welcome Home" is the final masterpiece in the Abbott legacy even though Dime wasn't around for this chapter, it's a must buy, I don't have to tell you this, It's up there with the best of HELLYEAH albums. Rock in Peace Dime, Vinnie and My Bro Duhrty Mike.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. 333
2. Oh My God
3. Welcome Home
4. I'm The One
5. Black Flag Army
6. At Wick's End
7. Perfect
8. Bury You
9. Boy
10. Skyy And Water
11. Irreplaceable
Vinnie Paul - Drums
Chad Gray - Vocals
Christian Brady - Guitars
Tom Maxwell - Guitars
Kyle Sanders - Bass
Roy Mayorga - Drums
Record Label: Eleven Seven Music


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