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Helrunar - Niederkunfft

by Yoav "Steel" Weinberg at 17 May 2015, 9:59 PM

Just looking at this album cover I was already in the mood. People running from their destiny of death and torture, hunted by a godly devilish figure. I was hoping it will meet my expectations and won’t disappoint me. And what can I say, no disappointment at all! This album lyric concept is about the times between middle ages and Renaissance. The great plague is killing tens of thousands of people, prophecies about the end of the world are common and very easy to believe in, witches and devil worshipers are hunted and nothing seems sure about the future. This German duo sets a great atmosphere for this with the album cover and with the music throughout the entire album.

The dark gloomy clean guitar at the beginning of the album sets the mood right away, and takes you in. When the distortion enters with a powerful doomy riff, accompanied with a delayed guitar lead, it right away touched the evil part in me. These guys knows what they are doing. The slow doomy riffs keep coming one after the other in this first track. The second track is more mid to fast tempo, yet the simple powerful guitar lids are still there. If you like your songs fast and short look somewhere else. All tracks but “Grimmig Tod” (which contains only the sounds of chanting people ) are 5 minutes and longer (the longest is the closing track, which lasts for 11 minutes and 26 second).

Unfortunately, for people not speaking German, except for one song, all lyrics are in German. The only song in English, an exceptional move for this band as this is their only song in English ever, called "Devils Devils Everywhere". In "Niederkunfft", HELRUNAR are backing off a bit from their Black Metal, going more towards Death Metal. Slower riffs, and sound wise aiming to Swedish bands from the 90’s like ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER. If you like your music evil you will like this one.

4 Star Rating

1. Niederkunfft
2. Der Endchrist
3. Totentanz
4. Devils Devils Everywhere!
5. Magdeburg brennt
6. Grimmig Tod
7. Die Kirch ist umbgekehret
8. The Hiebner Prophecy
Alsvartr - Drums, Guitars, Bass
Skald Draugir - Vocals
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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