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Helvetes Jävla Skit – Satans Jävla Helvete

Helvetes Jävla Skit
Satans Jävla Helvete
by Thomas Kumke at 13 December 2020, 5:51 PM

HELVETES JÄVLA SKIT are a one man project from Lund, Sweden and are active since 2019. They play a mix of Grindcore, Death Metal, and Scandinavian Black Metal. “Satans Jävla Helvete” is the debut full-length release, and although the album contains 20 tracks, the total length is just a bit more than 18 minutes. The album was released via Grind To Death Records which was just established in 2020 and HELVETES JÄVLA SKIT are the only band in their current roaster. There is no video release of “Satans Jävla Helvete” so far.

Satans Jävla Helvete” is a decent effort to combine different styles of the extreme sides of metal. Add Grindcore, Death Metal, Hardcore elements, and Scandinavian Black Metal together and the results is more extreme than the individual styles ever could be. The album consists of 20 songs, most of them shorter than a minute, and believe it or not, it is more than guitar riffs, blast-beats, and screams. To begin with, the speed of the songs is blisteringly fast, there are basically no breaks (with one or two exceptions). The song structures are simple and the growls are at the higher end of the range. There is little variation of the vocals which fits to the style of the album, but does not necessarily makes it more interesting to listen to.

The drums are only hammering blast beats, mostly played at the same pace and they sound pre-programmed. Most enjoyable are the guitars, although not overly technical, they include some lead sequences and a few melodic parts. The guitar sequences on “Jävla Hybris” could actually be on any melodic Death Metal album.

HELVETES JÄVLA SKIT release an album that contains some interesting pieces, especially the guitar sequences are worth to develop further. To me, the album is very experimental, however, for a debut album, it is a decent start. “Satans Jävla Helvete” is a release that you either dig or not. I think there is nothing in between and this is intentional. It is a well-produced album. Fans of very extreme metal may like what they hear and it will be interesting to see how HELVETES JÄVLA SKIT develop their ideas in further releases.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Darwin Awards
2. Jävla Hybris
3. Ännu En Jävla Besvikelse Att Bli Förbannad Över
4. Konstruktiv Appati
5. Intelligensreserven
6. Det Är Aldrig Försent Att Ge Up
7. Monoton Jävla Skitmusik
8. Allting Kan Fara At Helvete
9. Det Här Är Skit
10. Pop, Grind Och Helvete
11. Febernedsättande Toapapper Vid Andnöd
12. Generisk Grind För Döva
13. Nagot För Alla Att Bli Besvikna Av
14. Signalfel För Helvete
15. Mycket Grind Och Jävdigt Lite Hockey
16. Allmänna Svorddomar
17. Kompetensutveckling I Självmord
18. Det Var Ju Själva Fan
19. Adjö För Fan
20. Gör Om , Gör Rätt = Lägg Av
Record Label: Grind To Death Records


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