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Henosis - Apotheosis Pulsion CLVI

Apotheosis Pulsion CLVI
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 17 January 2015, 7:35 AM

I deeply believe that South American Metal scene can offer great bands to worldwide fans, no doubt about that. Here in these hot lands we have many good names, as PANZER, EUTANOS, ENTE, THY ANTICHRIST, and many others. Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and the other countries are boiling Metal scenes with some good works arising from underground every single day. But as in all Metal scene, there are bands that still lacks more personality into their own work, even with talented musicians. Well, that’s the case of Chilean trio HENOSIS, a good band, who arrives with their first work, a 5 song EP called “Apotheosis Pulsion CLVI”.

The main effort of these guys is to create something between the first and second waves of Black Metal, sounding a little like Finnish BEHERIT, North American GRAND BELIAL’S KEY and Brazilian MYSTIFIER. Explaining clearly: raw and putrid, with guttural voices, pretty simple work done with guitars and rhythmic mass, but able to make some ears become pools of dripping blood with their violent and darkened music, but it really lacks some personality.

The production made the sound of this EP have a raw and harsh quality, the same one used on previous works from the bands I compared them above. Maybe they’re trying to bring back the same spirit from those times, but this, as we all know well, is an impossible task. The past never becomes the future… But even with this, you can understand what they’re playing with a certain degree of effort (if you can understand all instruments clearly on “Drawing Down the Moon” instrumental and arrangements with no trouble, you’ll be able to hear them here as well).

In the reality, there are four songs here: “The Red Key”, “Macrocosmic Invertion”, “Inmersed into the Eternal Emptyness” and their finest moment, the long, darkened and full of rhythmic changes “Incognoscible Force Behind of the False Light Paradigm”. And this last song shows a lot that they got a good level of musical talent to create extreme Metal with their own personality. The previous ones lacks a lot of a personality of their own.

My Chilean brothers, I deep believe in you, but you must put more of you in your songs.

3 Star Rating

1. Void Mantra
2. The Red Key
3. Macrocosmic Invertion
4. Inmersed into the Eternal Emptyness
5. Incognoscible Force Behind of the False Light Paradigm
Perpetual Nothing – Guitars, vocals
Hoev XI – Bass
Nathan Von – Drums
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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