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Henriette B – Red Dawn of Humanity

Henriette B
Red Dawn of Humanity
by Jessica R Harman at 23 January 2015, 1:49 AM

HENRIETTE B, a Metalcore/Hardcore band, from Switzerland was born in the fall of 2009. In 2010 the five-piece released their initial three-track demo “First Steps”. They were also touring throughout Switzerland and France to gain experience and a larger fan base. In 2013, HENRIETTE B, released their first music video for track “Cold Weapon”. The guys have been hard at work and are back now with a five-track EP release “Red Dawn of Humanity”. Along with the five tracks the album has a listening time of about 20 minutes. The Metal/Hardcore band is influenced by bands such as AUGUST BURNS RED, BLOODLINED CALLIGRAPHY, GOJIRA, PARKWAY DRIVE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, and H-TRAY.

First thing I noticed right off was that these vocals are really crunchy. They can get really low with an intense growl, but still keeps the crunch. They are pretty unique and for me took a minute to enjoy them. Being used “defined” Metalcore vocal sound, these just took a second to appreciate for their oddity. The music is what one would think of a typical Metalcore group, however there is plenty of creativity and an overload of musicianship.
The first track “Below Us All” starts in low and slow, but steadily changes to accommodate a heavier and faster sound. Soon the drums and blast beats explode. The guitars are great and mix the sound up a bit with a higher pitch. Grade A track musically. The production is off. This was one of the only tracks that the vocals sounded like they were laid over the top of the music instead of being in the music.

Track two “Enslave Our Futures” starts as a spoken track, and then dumps immediately into the Hardcore. Again the guitars keep the sound vibrant and the bass brings it back down a notch, but matched perfectly to the sound.

The bass in “Self Murderer”, track three, is incredible. They don’t over produce it or make it too much. It is perfect and the areas that make it perfect are when they just drop it and your heart wants to pop out your chest. The drums are a huge part of the bass in this track. Both are perfectly complimentary to each other.

The creativity in this EP is immense. Track four “The Final Procession” is no different. I love the guitars in this track. The riffs are gorgeous and the melody is incredible. The shift into the final track “Bringer of Suffering” rests on the guitars. They change so swiftly with the perfect shift. Again, the creativity these guys show is bar none.

HENRIETTE B is a relatively new band that doesn't need “music training”. They have that down. These guys can create some of the best Metalcore music I've heard in a while.  For Metalcore fans, this is a breath of fresh air. The musicianship is great and the vocals help make these guys standout, not that the music didn't already do that. Great album.

4 Star Rating

1. Below Us All
2. Enslave Our Future
3. Self Murderer
4. The Final Procession
5. Bringer of Suffering
Ian – Vocals
Vinche – Guitar
Jerome – Guitar
Fabien – Bass
Greg – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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