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Here And Now - Flipside Story

Here And Now
Flipside Story
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 05 November 2016, 10:48 AM

HERE AND NOW is a Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore band based out of Bulgaria. Formed in 2014, this is the band’s first album release, and it is an independent release. “Flipside Story” contains eleven tracks. “Are You With Us” is a brief mood-setting instrumental, that establishes a spacy, downtrodden sound, from the synth and the vocal laments of “are you with us.” It leads into “To Resist,” which has earnest guitar riffs and Metalcore type screaming in the verses. The synth has a heavy presence here which is somewhat unusual for the style but I like what it brings to the table. Still, the song is a disjointed feeling perhaps related to this being their first crack and songwriting and recording. “Forsake the Sick” sounds more complete. They have the brutal part down well but could focus on thicker melodies for the style. The acoustical guitars are nice however. They do present a nice melody in “Because We Can,” and you can hear some more order dying to break out.

“Ruins of the Past” is a heavy, thudding song with a lot of vocal angst and those dual guitar harmonies we often hear in the style. Once again the Metal aggressiveness is omnipresent but it takes over the brief moments of melody and keeps them too far in the background. That being said, the guitar solo section does some to round this out. The synths in “Protest March” however are spot on. Anything that can bring variety is always welcomed for me. The riff also does a better job of breathing and the result is a very complete track. Speaking of variety, the female clean vocals in “The Hydra” are a complete and pleasing surprise. Just when you think you have the album sound down into a compact description, this song pushes through those boundaries. Then there is “Space Elevators.” It has one of the most unique intros in this style that I have heard. The track is somewhat odd but that also provides its charm in a way. They really keep things interesting here.

“There” is the closing track, heavy with experimentation and ambiance. We have what really amounts to two varying styles on this debut. The straightforward Metalcore sound on many of the tracks is very unrelenting, but fails to deliver melody for the most part. The more experimental tracks are promising but seem out of place at the same time. I feel the band does have potential however and would look forward to more from them as they have more time to develop their sound.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Are You With Us
2. To Resist
3. Forsake The Sick
4. Because We Can
5. Rebuild And Destroy
6. Ruins Of The Past
7. Protest March
8. The Hydra
9. Choose A Side
10. Space Elevators
11. There
Hristo Hristov – Bass
Bojidar Davidkov – Drums
Hristo Velev – Guitars, Synthesizers, Lyrics
Ivo Kalyonski – Vocals, Synthesizers, Lyrics
Record Label: Independent


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