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Heretic's Dream - Walk The Time

Heretic's Dream
Walk The Time
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 November 2013, 12:58 AM

Knee deep within the grey there has been a voice crying out for deliverance, longing to hash out of its position and explore the countless of options and opportunities that are out there, where the eyes can see. However, when everything seems to be clear, there is a blockage, a cordon that shuts out the mystery and baffle. Sounds like a spiritual justification to remain within the questions rather than answers; however, it is intent. In simple words, clarity can also attain obviousness, and that is what the Italian band HERETIC’S DREAM seemed to have been trying to avoid since their first gasp of air back in 2010. Hailing with their sophomore album, “Walk The Time”, as a prospect of Videradio, the band based their complex musical entity, being driven by various form of Metal and Rock, scouring the borderlines of contemporary Gothic / Thrash / Heavy / Alternative / Nu Metal and transfusing with a modernized form of Rock / Pop coated by shreds of Metalcore type riffery. Pinpointing bands for you will be a considered as a cheap shot on my part, as HERETIC’S DREAM surprised me with their conviction to be obscure, yet will still memorable enough to be followed.

What has been the band’s dominant aspect, standing firm behind the memorability concept, is their songwriting and its flowing nature. There weren’t seem to be any kind of awkward stop signs that will imply of any sort of a forced progression, but simply catchy tunes, accrediting an impressive creative team. The partial melancholic Francesca Di Ventura (vocals) and Andrej Surace (guitar), the band’s founders, possibly also have been the dominant factor behind the songwriting process, were able to achieve an interesting transference, in and out, between Metal and Rock (considering Hardcore as an outtake of Metal just this once) while sanctioning velvetiness, somber atmospheric feel that arouses the senses with groovy riffery alongside common and uncommon Gothic inclinations. Di Ventura’s vocal performance is also an integral part of that smoothness portrayed on the songs. At first I didn’t find her voice to be suitable for periods of attacking riffs closer to Thrash and Hardcore, yet overtime I was able to differentiate this impressive contrast as a rather genuine occasion, though I noticed that AMARANTHE have been doing something of a same, though I believe that the Swedish / Danish act appeared to be clinging to a rather singular dimension outputs. Furthermore, even though it was somewhat hard to comprehend how the band couldn’t muster the following proceedings on its own, the guests, especially the solo guitarists, made a fine contribution. I was particularly amazed by Terence Holler’s duet with Di Ventura’s mellowness that made “Fighting Time” a smashing shit. Also there was the involvement of Gabriele Caselli on keyboards on the “The Broken Silence” that shattered my emotions while ending up being even better than anything that EVANESCENCE ever produced.

The band’s guests indeed were a part of this album’s accomplishment; however, it would have been nothing without the original lineup’s efforts on the songwriting. “Walk The Time” is a smooth sailing journey through the vast seas of both Metal and Rock music while emphasizing the Gothic niche while doing so. Even while being a Traditional Metal fan, I found no problem of finding myself suddenly being a fan of these guys, cheers for their creative nature and open mind.

4 Star Rating

1. Outcasted
2. Chains Of Blood
3. Behind The Mirror
4. Dreams Falling
5. Believing In You
6. Shockwave
7. Fighting Time
8. Connections
9. The Broken Silence
10. Before The Storm
11. The Next Level
Francesca Di Ventura – Lead Vocals
Andrej Surace – Guitar
Carlo Nicolucci – Guitar
Maurilio Di Stefano – Drums / Flute
Jacopo Greci – Bass

Terence Holler – Vocals (“Fighting Time”)
Pier Gonella – Vocals (“Believing In You”)
Gabriele Bellini – Lead Guitar (“Chains Of Blood”)
Steve Volta – Lead Guitar (“Outcasted”)
Pier Gonella – Lead Guitar (“Shockwave”)
Marco Pastorino – Lead Guitar (“Connections”)
Gabriele Caselli – Keyboards (“The Broken Silence”)
Record Label: Videradio


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