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Heretic’s Dream – Floating State Of Mind

Heretic’s Dream
Floating State Of Mind
by Johnny Jackal at 13 June 2016, 3:26 PM

As I’ve said a number of times before, I am always wary of female fronted bands. When I saw the picture of the band before listening to the album, I was saying to myself: not again! I just want to take them seriously but there is this constant doubt in my mind that the girl is just there for show. It’s usually a commercial tactic to get younger men interested in bands (those freaking hormones!).

Whenever I review an album, I just sit and listen to it. I don’t go on the internet looking for information on the band. I just glanced at the information sheet about the band (which was given to me) and then I just started listening to the album carefully. I don’t want any misconceptions before anything else. I don’t want to be influenced by some other reviews or opinions beforehand.

This is an Italian Metal band that dives into many genres; and this is the source of some of the problems on this release. As much as this is a pretty good album, it appears pretty uneven. They can’t stick to one genre and sometimes it’s all over the place. You can see the heavy influence from their brothers and sisters in LACUNA COIL; that Goth Metal mixed in with a powerful voice. This might be the first comparison you think of when you start listening to this band.

They often delve into other genres and some songs really fall flat. They have a few ballads on this release that are quite cheesy. There are also pop-oriented songs that might find airplay on some commercial radios out there. You kind of want to take them seriously when you hear the first five songs on the album but then you get to “Momentum” and “Secret Place”; those misplaced ballads on the album. They should have been put in a different order to keep some structure in the pace of the album. They come one after the other and it hurts the overall quality of the album.

You start off with one hell of a guitar driven opener like “Face the Agony” and then you get some really good vibes on the second and third song of the album; the two latter songs are heavily influenced by Progressive Metal. They reminded me a lot of the heavier stuff from FATES WARNING but with a much more technical side compared to the aforementioned legends of the genre. They may not be as technical as DREAM THEATER, but they are some of the most solid songs I have heard in the genre in a very long time.

Francesca Di Ventura does a very good job keeping the attention of the listener; she has a very powerful voice that has charisma and an unbridled energy. This is the strong point of the album; you want to keep listening to the album as she hooks you right from the start. The production on the album does add a lot as well. It’s a very good effort from an unknown band. It shows how much technology has evolved and what is available to everyone out there.

I can understand that they don’t want to be typecast in one particular genre. Some songs are really heavy (like “Face the Agony” and “Golden Cage”), some are reminiscent of Prog Metal (like “Pilgrim” and “Master Your Demons”) and some songs are more commercially driven (like “New Season”, “Momentum” and “Secret Place”). It’s a little bit all over the place but it has its moments; they just have to know what they really want to do.

They have a whole lot of potential and they are such a promising young band, but they might need some refinement. Time will tell if they want to reach that next level of greatness!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

  1. Face The Agony
  2. Pilgrim
  3. Master Your Demons
  4. Soul Driven
  5. Hide Yourself
  6. Momentum
  7. Secret Place
  8. Walk Alone
  9. Golden Cage
  10. New Season
Francesca Di Ventura - Vocals
Andrej Surace - Guitar
Alex Alberti - Keyboards
Alfonso Mocerino - Drums
Federico Colaizzi - Bass
Record Label: VideoRadio Records


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